What a Shock!

18th September 2018, 4:29 AM

So last night I was sitting in my dorm room thinking about new ideas for PR2, when out of nowhere an elderly man popped out of my closet! You can imagine my astonishment. Before I could ask the many questions that were circulating in my mind, the man said "PR2 is for noobs! When I was young, I was the most elite Platform Racer!"

After this, he threw a small object in my direction and scurried away. Upon examination, I realized it was a flash drive. Bewildered, I plugged the flash drive into my computer. Here's what was on it:

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15th September 2018, 1:28 PM

JV2 has been randomly going down as of late. I've been in contact with my hosting provider and they say the problem is now maybe fixed? If the site goes down again, let me know.

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Totley Tuesday: Goliathe Racing

11th September 2018, 10:53 PM

Sorry for the delay on this one, folks. My camera decided not to record when I was shooting yesterday, so I had to do it again today.


-- Games --
Kongregate Racing: https://jiggmin2.com/games/kongregate-racing
PR2: https://jiggmin2.com/games/platform-racing-2

-- GitHub --
All open pull requests: https://github.com/jacob-grahn/platform-...rver/pulls
Guides command (merged): https://github.com/jacob-grahn/platform-...r/pull/518

-- Contests --
CotM Round #7 is open until September 15th! https://jiggmin2.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1125
GGP is now hosted on JV2! https://jiggmin2.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1123

If you'd like to host a contest of your own, please post in Ask a Mod on JV2. https://jiggmin2.com/aam
If you're a contest owner and want your announcement to appear on Motley Monday, please send it to me by the Sunday before your desired Motley Monday video.

-- This Week's Suggestions --
No suggestions this week. Frown

-- Posting Future Suggestions --
For JV2 Suggestions, post in the Bugs and Suggestions forum on JV2. https://jiggmin2.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?fid=37
For PR2 Suggestions, post in the PR2 Suggestions forum on JV2. https://jiggmin2.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?fid=45

That's it for this week. Thanks for watching!

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YTStart BBCode

5th September 2018, 2:36 PM

JV2 has a new BBCode! It specifies a certain time you want your embedded YouTube video to start.

Use it like so: [ytstart=secs]video_code[/ytstart]

- "secs" is the number of seconds into the video you want it to start. If I want my video to start at 2:00, secs would be 120.
- "video_code" is the thing after "v=" in the YouTube video URL.

The finished product should look something like this...


...which translates to this!

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Click Upon Dots is Down

3rd September 2018, 5:30 AM

I spent all night working on some new stuff (to be released soon!), and just as I was about to go to bed, the servers for Click Upon Dots died. I'll do my best to get it back up and running tomorrow! Sorry for the outage.

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Motley Monday: The Show Must Go On!

9th August 2018, 4:02 PM

Sick? Nonsense! The show must go on!

The downside of traveling is you can easily contract some kind of sickness from germs to which you wouldn't normally be exposed. I tried my best, but sorry if it isn't as high quality as it usually is.

I'm working on another video that I think you all will like, but that one requires a lot of voiceovers so I'll put that one on the shelf until I'm feeling better.

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No Updates Monday

25th July 2018, 8:45 PM

I fixed the dots server. That's it for this week!

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Textly Monday

16th July 2018, 3:19 AM

It's time for the weekly update!

Here's a rundown of the JV2 changes this week:
- Fixed an error where some people were encountering a message that said "Times don't match."
- The server for Click Upon Dots now restarts itself if it goes down for some reason.
- Ask a Mod threads now appear in the recent posts section of the Top Stats on the homepage.
- JV2 has some sweet new cards for when you share threads, games, announcements, and some other links from the site. Here's a preview of what a few look like on Discord!
- Fixed a small error with the MyProfile plugin where the comment pages weren't loading properly.

Additionally, there's some PR2 news! Jiggmin came on and merged a few pull requests, which in turn fixed some things. Those pulls were:
- #505: Fix automatic artifact prize awards | Fixes the artifact not giving prizes to the first finders.
- #506: Fix guest group | Makes guests appear as guests again (no member color).
- #507: Fix false positive | Fixes an error received on logout with the language "you're not using PR2 to log out."
- #514: Fix server crash on part overflow | This should never happen without some elite hax0r moves, but since it had the ability to crash the server, I figured it would be best to patch it before a way to exploit it was found.

We have one suggestion this week, and that's from @Lego-man945. He suggested that I add computer enemies and a timer for single player mode.

Do you want something changed on PR2, one of the revived games, and/or this site? Post your suggestions on the Bugs and Suggestions or PR2 Suggestions forums. Thank the suggestions you like so I can get a feel for what the community wants.

That's it! Sorry there isn't a video this week. I'll do my very best to get one out next week.

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12th July 2018, 1:08 AM

I had to close the forums for a bit while I did some work on the MyProfile plugin. Sorry for the downtime. Hopefully everything is working normally!

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Motley Monday: Folding Dots Alone