Some updates

3rd January 2020, 4:54 AM

The things have officially come down the pike!

The Great Red Herring Chase: took out some debugging text that I left in (two years ago?!)

Highscores: they will now update by name entered instead of adding more and more entries of that name.

- If you get a score the same or lower than the score already recorded under that name, you'll be greeted with a page encouraging you, very nicely, to do better.
- If you get a score higher than the score already recorded under that name, you'll get your new score on the board.

Volly-Bounce: VB has been released into alpha testing! This is currently amongst the staff only, but Beta Testers will get access imminently. There's still a lot I need to add before the public release. I've been working on this for a h*ck of a long time, so it's nice to see something come of it. Here's a demo! hopefully I don't get a copyright claim...

Musical Evenizer: The VB match song (called !-=ColDPaD=-!) has been added to the game in commemoration of this occasion.

I hope to make some updates for PR2 next.

As always, thanks for sticking around! Big Grin

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PR2 v157.2: Happy Holidays!

25th December 2019, 8:41 PM

Happy Holidays! This update contains two new sets, some small changes, and a few bug fixes.


  • Added two new sets. The Christmas and snowman sets are now available on the first six levels of the holiday campaign.
  • You can now zoom to 75% and 500% in the Level Editor. Hooray for visibility!
  • Epic Upgrade prize popups will now show a small message when you win. In an effort to quell the continuous questions about why someone's shiny new part isn't appearing for them, there is now a message letting you know what exactly you just won.

  • Level lists now update at an appropriate interval. Thanks to @Vaza for reporting this.
  • The loadouts button doesn't disappear when hovering or clicking anymore. Thanks for reporting this, @Lego-man945.
  • Ranking up to 3 or 20 no longer requires you to log out before being able to send PMs or create a guild. Thanks to Camer for reporting this bug!

Public Beta

This update contains some code to a couple of beta features:
  • Tablet gestures in the LE (placing lines of blocks, dragging, artwork, etc).
  • Pressing and holding the CTRL key (also includes ? for Mac) to switch from a selected LE tool to the delete tool and releasing it to return to the previously selected tool.
The reason these are being released in beta is that they require testing across platforms. Please help with the testing of these features and post in Bugs & Suggestions if you find anything. Thanks!

-- Stand by for a holiday-themed stream later tonight... Smile --

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An email and chocolates from PR2

14th November 2019, 11:48 PM

Hi $user->name,

We've finally successfully fixed the email issue that prevented some users from getting emails from PR2 (including email change and guild transfer requests, forgot password, etc).

In celebration, Gwibble font is now available site-wide! Just use [font=Gwibble]this code[/font] to switch to that font!

All the best,

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PR2 v157.1: Sp00ky Szn

31st October 2019, 9:08 PM

This update contains a few bug fixes, some small changes, and a new part.

- Added a new head. Happy Halloween! The Jack-o'-Lantern head is now available by logging into your PR2 account until November 2. You can earn the epic upgrade by winning Haunted House 2 by DareDevil1510.
- Holding shift while moving the camera in LE or a race will move the camera twice as fast. Thanks to @tadtad for suggesting this one!
- Added a method of refreshing the server list. You can now use a little refresh button next to the server list to refresh it (independent of the automatic refresh) every 10 seconds.

- Page highlighting works properly again. Sorry for the delay in fixing this one. Thanks to @Stxtics for reporting it!
- Parts now show normally on login. There was a bug which caused contest winners to have their new parts set every time they logged in. Thanks to @AspectZero for reporting this!
- Ranking up to 3 or 20 no longer requires you to log out before being able to send PMs or create a guild. Thanks to @Camer the Dragon for reporting this bug!

There is also a vault sale of 25% off until tomorrow night!

Please let me know if you encounter any problems with this version. Enjoy, and again, Happy Halloween!! ??

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JV Two-Factor Authentication

16th September 2019, 12:54 AM

I've just added Two-Factor Authentication to JV. If you'd like to set it up on your account, you can find the link to do so in the user control panel, or right here. I would like to improve this feature at some point since right now it's very barebones.

WARNING: The staff team will not recover accounts locked out due to 2FA. Make sure you are able to recover your 2FA code (save your QR code on your computer, use Authy, etc).

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[Another Update] Server Crashes

2nd September 2019, 1:24 PM

They should actually be fixed now. If you encounter any problems, please report them via Bugs and Suggestions or directly to a PR2 staff member.

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[Update] Server Crashes

27th August 2019, 1:02 AM

Turns out, it wasn't a beta-only issue. The servers have crashed an absurd amount within the last two days.

This is worse than FAH. Everything is crossed and I've knocked on all of the wood in the world before I say... it should be fixed now. LMK if you encounter any further problems so I can duly bash my head against the wall.

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PR2 v157: A Good Indication

25th August 2019, 12:11 PM

This update contains three new features and some bug fixes.

- Added player waiting indicators on lobby page numbers on the campaign, all-time best, today's best, and newest tabs. Curb your loneliness! Thanks to @platform guy for suggesting this.
- Added date last updated to the level information popup. Easily see when a level was last published! Thanks to @Stxtics for suggesting this.
- Converted old levels with 999 time to infinite. Levels with a time limit of 999 made before the unlimited time Motley Monday update will now have infinite time. Thanks to @askRYAN for suggesting this.

- Loadouts save properly now. Thanks to @Ashley766 for reporting this.
- The block limit message can actually be closed now. What a concept!
- A small bug in egg mode has been patched. It's so small, it doesn't even get a description.

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Server Crashes

24th August 2019, 9:19 AM

The public servers have been crashing due to a slight backwards incompatibility between the beta client and the old client's interactions with the new server code. I'm looking to release the new client within the next 24 hours, so it doesn't really make sense for me to change the new server code to accommodate the old one. So, sit tight for a bit and it'll be resolved before you know it. Sorry for the annoyance.

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Imgur Image Uploader

26th July 2019, 9:26 PM

The old imgur uploader (that was built into the editor here on the forum) broke, so I went ahead and added a new one. It's a little bit different; you can drag+drop your image or click where you see this symbol:

[Image: rfktGWQ.png]

On the full editor, it's right below the smilies.

Please note: if your image is above 1MB in size, it will be automatically converted to JPG format. This will remove any transparency (PNG) or movement (GIF) present in the file. For a method of uploading that preserves these properties, upload your image directly to and use the [img][/img] tags to add your image manually.

LMK if you have any questions!

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