PR2 v168.2: Precise Messages

29th October 2023, 2:15 AM

PR2 v168.2: Precise Messages

This update contains some quality-of-life changes and bug fixes.

- Popup titles and headings now have bold text. This is for consistency and ease of viewing.
- There are now customized messages on the loading popups. Previously they would just say "Uploading...", which doesn't fit every situation.
- PM codes are now explained in a little help menu on the send message popup. Click the shiny new ? button for more information on the different rich formatting tags you can use in your PMs.

PR2 Hub Changes
- All pages now have the current time in the footer, according to the server's timezone. This will hopefully disambiguate the times you see on PR2 Hub.
- The part IDs list is now public. No use in having it behind an authenticated page when it's public on GitHub. You can view it here:
- The ban log and ban view pages have gotten a makeover. Go check them out at!

Moderation Changes
- Staff can now handle level reports directly from the level editor. No need to go to the level reports page on PR2 Hub!

- PM name colors now appear normally. Thanks for the report, @Camer the Dragon!
- You can now type new lines in PMs while in a race. This probably should've been fixed a long time ago. Thanks for reporting, @Master Raiden!
- Rotating no longer intensely lags the game. Thanks for the investigative reporting, @ThePizzaEater1000!
- Player popups can now be opened offline. This was an edge case of having a clickable player popup link from a stale popup still on screen (i.e., opened online, disconnected, and clicked the link). If you often find yourself offline with a level info popup open, this is for you!
- Spending more than 30 minutes in a level by yourself no longer triggers a disconnect. Solo racers rejoice at this one. Thanks for the reports, @oxy and @Magniloquent!
- The brush's starting position in LE has been made more accurate.* There's an interesting limitation feature of flash that doesn't show brush strokes unless a line is drawn from one point to another (more info from @Jiggmin himself). While the issue is still present (most noticeable when drawing vertical lines or dots), this fix greatly reduces the invasiveness of the workaround. Thanks for the report, @Lego-man945!
* As a caveat, this may end up messing with the art on some other levels (as this fix actually changes the drawing behavior on all levels, not just new ones). If you see any problems in this regard, please report them and I will re-visit this issue.

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PR2 v168.1: Musical Profiles

13th February 2023, 2:10 AM

PR2 v168.1: Musical Profiles

This update contains some quality-of-life changes, new features, and minor bug fixes.

- Community Ambassadors now have their own user group. They will have a bright orange name with the group "Community Ambassador" showing on their player popup.
- Special accounts now have the Fred color. Fred/Sir/Clint now all have the bright green name.
- There is now support for user icons on the player popup. See the links at the end of this thread for more information on two different icons added in this update.
- New player popup format! To accommodate all the new information shown, the player popup has been slightly redesigned.
- NEW SONGS! There are two new songs, check them out! Thanks to @Adulock77 and @Dangevin for your submissions of Sunset Raiders and Pasture (Instrumental)!

- Positioning of all the mod/admin menus on the player popups has been refined. Hooray for things being neatly centered.
- The "Server Owner" group now shows on their profile regardless of if they're offline. Part 2 of the same bug, solved!
- Mods can no longer ban each other. Turns out this has been possible since March 2021! Yikes.

Technical Changes (Server)
- Accounts can no longer be logged in simultaneously on separate servers. This change is to protect account data. Logging into another server simultaneously can cause newly won prizes and EXP to be overwritten.

(New icons are in PR2! Click each for more information.)

- [Image: hof.svg] Hall of Fame: used to identify players that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame for their exceptional talent and dedication to the PR2 and Jiggmin community.
- [Image: verified.svg] Verified: used to identify notable and prominent accounts in the community.

Many of the changes in this update were made in collaboration with your Community Ambassadors, @Camer the Dragon and @Stunt. A huge thank you to them for their awesome engagement!

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PR2 v168.0.2: Hotfix

27th November 2022, 2:41 AM

PR2 v168.0.2: Hotfix

This update is a hotfix.

- Teleport blocks now function properly. In some circumstances, players noticed teleport blocks not resetting properly. A big thanks to @Magniloquent, @Stunt, and @Camer the Dragon for reporting and testing this!

(In case you missed it)
- There is an active Jigg Coins giveaway! It ends on December 2 at 10:25pm EST. Join the JV Discord Server and verify your JV account to participate!

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PR2 v168: Always Watching

25th October 2022, 4:43 PM

PR2 v168: Always Watching

This update contains some new features, as well as some minor bug fixes.

- Level creators can now bypass their own levels' requirements in the lobby. Passwords and minimum rank requirements be... darned. Thanks for the suggestion, @Camer the Dragon and @AlphaZ!
- SPECTATE MODE! Follow players across the map with ease. Thanks for the suggestion, @Camer the Dragon!

- Artifact hints that contain special characters now show properly. Ah, double escapes. Thanks for the report, @Ashley766!
- The button that switches to the landscape menu back from the pen tool works again. Thanks for the report, @Ashley766!
- The color of the text in the text tool will now always be black when being edited. This allows the text always to be seen while editing, even if it's set to a lighter color. Thanks for reporting this, @oxy!
- The block grid now shows and hides properly in the level editor. Someone definitely brought this bug to my attention, but I can't remember who. Thank you, mystery person!

Technical Changes
- Player positions now update more frequently in levels. This accompanies the spectate mode change (in an effort to provide a smoother experience). If games become considerably slower, I will reduce the update rate back to what it was before.

Known Issues
- Spectating a rotating player causes them to disappear for a split second. This is due to a bug with the way player positions are updated after rotating.
- Spectate mode does not rotate with the player being spectated. I'll need to add functionality for this in a future version of PR2.

- JV got a Facebook! Find all of our socials here.

EDIT: PR2 v168.0.1 fixes an issue that caused rotate blocks not to work properly. Thanks for the report, @Atari4600!

It's Motley Monday!

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PR2 Server Improvements

20th September 2022, 12:31 PM

Before I implement any of the more significant PR2 suggestions as of late (e.g., spectate mode, replay system), I want to make some major, long-overdue improvements to the structure of the PR2 servers. This means it will take longer to get those updates, but the servers will be faster, more stable/reliable, and easier to maintain once the improvements are made. I've been in contact with Jiggmin, who is fully on board with the recent proposal I made.

Given my responsibilities with work and school, I have no idea how long this will take; however, please know that I am actively brainstorming how to make it easier to develop PR2 updates along the way. Thank you for your continued support!

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End-of-Life Notice for AS2 Games

13th September 2022, 2:04 PM

On October 1, the following games will reach their end-of-life for updates and support:

What exactly does this mean?

This means that no client-side updates or bug fixes will be pushed to games made with ActionScript 2. It will not affect your ability to play the games in their current state, whether that be through Flash or Ruffle.

Will the servers for _____ still be running?

This end-of-life does not affect high scores pages or the servers for the multiplayer games.

Will they still be playable in the browser?

This end-of-life does not affect Ruffle compatibility or any potential future HTML/JS conversion.

Why is this happening?

The latest Adobe program that supports exporting to ActionScript 2 is Adobe Flash CS6, a 32-bit application. Since Mac OS Mojave is the last version of Mac OS that offers support for 32-bit applications, I have been running that version in order to preserve support for these games. By not updating, I'm exposing myself to security vulnerabilities and missing out on some of the newest features.

How should I prepare?

Please report any bugs in the listed games before October 1. I will do my best to fix any that can be fixed in ActionScript. These are separate from the status of Ruffle compatibility.

How do you feel about it?

While it's definitely sad to say goodbye to the ability to update these games, most of the management for things like high scores and socket servers is done server-side. Most will eventually work with Ruffle, so it's not like the Flash EOL that blew everything up. I think, for the most part, this won't have much of an effect on your day-to-day enjoyment of these games.

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PR2 v167.1: Gotta Jet

8th July 2022, 10:35 PM

PR2 v167.1: Gotta Jet

This update contains a tweaked game mechanic and some "spring cleaning" fixes.

- Pressing space while crouching with a Jet Pack will now have no effect. No point in wasting all your fuel!

- "How to Obtain" descriptions now reflect the new player requirement for prizes on Campaign. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on this change!
- Losing a cowboy hat while holding an inactive speed burst will now apply your normal stats as expected. Hopefully we've reached the end of the saga of speed burst bugs. Thanks for the report, @Master Raiden!
- The background color selector in LE now displays the correct color when loading an existing level. Thanks for the report, @Master Raiden!
- The LE menu now resets properly when loading a level. Thanks for the report, @Master Raiden!
- The random music option is now set properly when opening the music selection popup in LE. Previously, this would not work on levels that already had the random option selected. Thanks for the report, @Master Raiden!
- The Jet Pack animation no longer breaks under certain circumstances. Previously, continually using a Jet Pack while bumping an item block could have weird effects. The technical new behavior is that Jet Pack fuel is replenished if the player has a Jet Pack and the new item is a Jet Pack, as opposed to creating a whole new item instance. Thanks for the report, @Ashley766 (and for debugging, @Master Raiden)!

(In case you missed it)
- JV got a Twitter! Follow us on another platform, @jiggmin_games.

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Post Author Display

17th June 2022, 6:53 PM

Small change: I've updated the display format of the post author information to look more like original JV. If all goes well, this is how it should look:

[Image: JJ4o0mN.png] [Image: Mg7PEFL.png] [Image: jdsk1Cb.png]
Default | JV Dark | Jiggy 4

If it doesn't appear this way for you, try clearing your cache. If it persists, please let me know.

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FAH Team Banners

15th June 2022, 2:15 AM

I just finished another HTML5 port! This one restores the folding at home team banners that you can embed in your posts or your signature.

Show off your folding totals! You can find more information by clicking on the banner.

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12th June 2022, 7:41 PM

They're baaaaack (and better than ever)! You can find them at the top of most pages on the site.

This is an HTML5 port of the old bubbles animation, meaning it works independently of Flash and Ruffle. Most noticeably, it now runs in 60 FPS, meaning the animations are much smoother. It's also compatible with any modern device that supports HTML5, meaning, at long last, you can now pop bubbles from your mobile device.

Let me know if you encounter any problems. Happy popping!

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