Motley Monday: Spooky Bounce

6th October 2020, 3:18 AM

It only took me two years! 🎉

There's a poll mentioned in the video, asking which you'd like me to devote more of my energy (reviving Creation or updating PR2). Keep in mind, it's not necessarily an either/or situation, it's simply asking to which one I should devote more of my energy. The results will not guarantee/cause action or inaction on my part -- again, it's purely to give me an idea of how the community feels.


-- Volly-Bounce --

-- Other Links --
Jiggmin's Village:
Platform Racing 2:

-- GitHub --
PR2 server repository:
All open pull requests:

-- PR2 Changelogs --
160.0 (current):

-- Some PR2 Suggestions --
Mystery's "Set Hats for a Race":
Odin0030's "Custom Item Block":
Lunanova's "New Music 2 Race On Platforms":

-- Posting Future Suggestions --
For JV2 Suggestions, post in the Bugs and Suggestions forum on JV2.
For PR2 Suggestions, post in the PR2 Suggestions forum on JV2.
For PRF Suggestions, post in the Platform Racing Forever forum on JV2.

-- PRF Development --
PRF Forum:
"PRF: What we know":
GitHub Repository:

That's it for this week. Thanks for watching!

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Back to School Sale!

21st August 2020, 2:04 AM

From now until September 1, celebrate the end of summer with 25% off your Vault of Magics purchases!

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Private Servers

4th August 2020, 12:57 AM

I just made some programmatical changes to how PR2 handles adding new, updating the expiration time of existing, and expiring old private servers. It should hopefully all work a whole lot better than before. Feel free to snoop around in the changes if you're so inclined.

Side note: this was pull request/issue #666. That makes me think something will go wrong. Oh well.

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XBL Gamertag Gone

28th July 2020, 8:55 PM

Due to a change in the forum software I use for this site, the XBL Gamertag field is gone from profiles. I plan to find a way to add this back (hopefully in an intuitive fashion), but for now, it's gone.

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Soundcloud BBCode

24th July 2020, 1:36 AM

You can now embed tracks/sets from Soundcloud! The usage is:

[soundcloud]your soundcloud link here[/soundcloud]

So, if I said:


I would get:

Same goes for sets! This:


Would give me this:

You can link to pretty much any type of Soundcloud media element with this tag. As always, you are responsible for making sure the content you post is appropriate (the village rules apply to any content posted from external sources).

Happy sharing and happy listening! Smile

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Small PR2 Fixes

16th July 2020, 9:35 AM

A few things have been fixed/changed on PR2 in the past couple of weeks.

  • Orbital Trance and We Are Loud have been converted to their higher-quality versions. Thanks to @Minimania and @IHaveDaCowboyz for letting me know these exist!
  • EXP prize awards no longer award way more than they're supposed to award. 2.5M EXP apparently was equivalent to 12.1B. Shout out to @AspectZero, @__, and @Prince Ande for being patient while this one was debugged.
  • The artifact hint no longer breaks when special characters are in the title or username. 🎉
  • The threshold for level backups has been decreased. Previously, only levels not saved within the past two weeks would be backed up. That has been lowered to a day. Thanks to @Prince Ande for reporting an issue that led to this change!
As always, if you find any other bugs, please let me know by posting in the Bugs and Suggestions forum. Thanks!

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VPN/proxy detection problems

24th June 2020, 6:18 AM

It's come to my attention that there have been some issues with the VPN/proxy check falsely flagging some users. I'm working on some code that I believe will fix it (for the most part-- nothing of this nature is perfect) and it should be done tonight.

For now, if you can't log in, please post in Contact a Mod so we can whitelist your IP address.

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Motley Monday: On Another Level

23rd June 2020, 9:37 AM

Delay? I was simply on time for the part after when I said 160 would be out. Anyway, it's Motley Monday! 🎉


-- Games --
Platform Racing 2:

-- GitHub --
PR2 server repository:
All open pull requests:

-- PR2 Changelogs --
160.0 (current):

-- This Week's Suggestions --
@Mystery's "Set Hats for a Race":
@Odin0030's "Custom Item Block":
@Lunanova's "New Music 2 Race On Platforms":

-- Posting Future Suggestions --
For JV2 Suggestions, post in the Bugs and Suggestions forum on JV2.
For PR2 Suggestions, post in the PR2 Suggestions forum on JV2.
For PRF Suggestions, post in the Platform Racing Forever forum on JV2.

-- PRF Development --
PRF Forum:
"PRF: What we know":
GitHub Repository:

That's it for this week. Thanks for watching!

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PR2 v160: On Another Level

23rd June 2020, 7:27 AM

PR2 v160: On Another Level

This update contains a bunch of new features, QOL updates, moderation changes, and bug fixes.

Moderation-Related Changes

  • Player popups now show "Temp Mod" or "Trial Moderator" if a user is a temp (on the same server) or trial (anywhere) mod. Long overdue!
  • Temporary and trial moderators now have different username colors than permanent moderators. Even longer overdue! The new colors are: Temp Mod | Trial Mod. Thanks to @Ajayci 100 for this suggestion!
  • Kicked users will now see the time remaining in their kick when attempting to log in. I think someone suggested this but I can't remember who. :/
  • Kicks/mutes are now IP-based as well as account-based. Can't leave anyone out!
  • Temp Mods on public servers will now get a warning before logging out or going into the level editor. Huzzah, no more accidental de-temps! Thanks @BronxBomber for the suggestion!
  • You can now report levels that break the rules from the level information popup menu. You can access this by clicking (as opposed to hovering over) the "?" on a level.
  • "Social bans" are finally here! These are a less severe type of ban than full game bans, allowing a user to play but in a limited scope (no social features). For more information, please see the new PR2 rules. Thanks to @bi3liu for suggesting this!

QOL Changes
  • Guests can now see the Guilds tab. Why not? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • The emotes list has been expanded and is now organized alphabetically. 🎉
  • The /hint command now has clickable links to the artifact level/user after the hint is fully revealed. No more unsearchable titles!
  • Some songs' titles/authors have been changed. Some of the songs hadn't previously reflected the correct title/author of the song (as some were stolen and uploaded to Newgrounds). This version corrects some of those errors.
  • The audio quality of the songs has been greatly improved. Who knew the songs could sound so good? Who knows, now you might even enjoy Switchblade.
  • There are some new description labels on some of the buttons. For instance, the PM report/delete/reply buttons now have descriptions.
  • You can now reverse the sort order on the tabs under "Players". Clicking the buttons for name/rank/hats (or guild name/active/GP for guilds) will now reverse the sort order.
  • Objective mode now has a nifty "finishes reached" indicator for players who quit before finishing. It'll appear next to that player's "finish" time.
  • Level descriptions are now a little more flashy. They're in italics. Yay formatting!
  • There a new tip under the description to click the "?" button for more information. This is to promote the level information popup from v159. A bunch of people don't know about it yet. Possibly a temporary addition.
  • The EXP gain bar's numbers are now formatted with commas. Easier on the eyes!
  • You can now see a player's progress towards their next rank-up on their player profile. Simply mouse over the rank box to see it. I'd say thanks to the person who suggested it, but it was me!
  • You can now see more information about your levels in level editor. Simply hover over the level in the load popup and you'll see all the information you see in the lobby. Thanks to @Overbeing for this suggestion (all the way back in March of 2019)!

General Changes/Additions
  • The Kong Hat now awards 2x GP instead of 1.25x EXP. Since the EXP hat makes the Kong Hat obsolete, this will hopefully breathe new life into its rate of use.
  • You can now change your stats during a happy hour. Probably one of the most requested suggestions of all time! During a HH, you'll now have 300 stat points to use at your leisure. When the HH ends or you log out, your stats will reset to your normal ones (the one you had when the HH started or you logged in). Thank you to everyone who requested it (most recently @Hyperacticpro and @Fresh Cookies)!
  • PR2 Stimulus pt. 2! The epic crown and cowboy upgrades will now be available at 500K and 5M folding at home points, respectively.
  • There's a new favorite levels tab! It's located at the top-right of the lobby (looks like a small heart icon). This is for you! Add a level to this list by clicking the new "add to favorites" button on the bottom-left of the level. You can play these levels with players on the search tab or their own favorites tab (if they have the same level added). Thanks to @Northadox for suggesting this!
  • NEW SONGS! Two new songs have been added in this version: Toodaloo by @mustangman and Night Shade by @TRUC. Thanks for the songs, fellas!
  • NEW HAT! The cheese hat lets you break crumble blocks instantly from the bottom (if not crouching)/left/right, and much quicker than normal from the top. Thanks to @Thales4000 for suggesting this wayyyy back in 2013!
  • NEW GAME MODE! In Hat Attack mode, your goal is to get all the hats. Steal all the hats and keep them for 5 seconds to finish! When you finish, you'll drop all of your hats so the others can keep playing. Note: This mode requires at least two players. Thanks to @Thales4000 for suggesting this, also wayyyy back in 2013!

  • Level passwords are now saved properly in all instances. There previously was a bug that only saved the level password the first time you set one but not in subsequent saves.
  • Cowboy hats and speed bursts no longer hate each other. So glad to be done with this (knock on wood). Thanks to @bi3liu for reporting this!
  • The chance of SFCM indicator on the level information popup now displays the correct chance %. It previously displayed 5% on every level, no matter the actual chance. Thanks for the report, @_Athena_!
  • Course play/cancel menus should now work as intended. Thanks for the report, @Antonhs!
  • The color picker now always displays the correct color. Turns out this was reported way back in March of 2019! Thanks, @Camer the Dragon!
  • Fixed a bug where a level ID search would fail in some circumstances. This occurred when pressing "Play" on a level's information popup. If coming from another tab and a search previously made ended on a page other than 1, the level ID search would potato. I think. It's been so long since I fixed this.
  • Characters on the level save popup now count properly. Previously, the counts would fail when opening the save popup for an existing level. Thanks to @AspectZero for reporting this!
  • Lists under the players tab now sort properly. I totally didn't add an entirely new feature to circumvent fixing this and this.
  • The Jellyfish Hat's sting sound effect is now limited to the area within which one would expect to hear it. Previously, it would be audible throughout the entire level. Thanks for the report, @LCPD!
  • The Unicorn Head's mouth appears normally again. I suspect this is a bug leftover from epic upgrades being added back in 2013. Thanks to @platform guy for the report and @"Al Jolson" for drawing a fix!
  • Fixed a niche bug with loadouts. Hard to explain. Thanks for the report, @AspectZero!
  • Users can no longer ignore themselves. That's just silly!
  • Objective mode no longer awards prizes for quitting before all finishes are hit. This preserves the prize for the actual winner.
  • User status no longer updates on unsuccessful login (primarily due to kick). This bug wasn't really fixed until now.
  • Mods can now set artifacts on a rotated level. Previously, setting an artifact while rotated would be a failure of epic proportions.
  • Losing the artifact on April 1 will no longer revert the controls back to normal. This is a very, very, very important and prominent bug that has, at long last, been fixed.

Technical Changes
  • Lists of levels are now returned from the server using JSON. This will make it easier to decode lists of levels for your applications. Looking at Fred Bot, @Stxtics!
  • All database queries from the socket server are now sent through a function that attempts to reconnect if the connection has expired. This will prevent some of the random server crashes there have been, caused by logging into/out of a server after a day or so of no DB activity from that server.
  • Warn/ban messages will no longer show in the chat if the action fails (incl. someone "lacking the power"). This was previously purposefully included as a relic of the past, but it's proved to be confusing and has therefore been changed.
  • Proxies/VPNs are now being blocked. Due to an enormous amount of complaints about and abuse of proxies/VPNs over the years, we've made the difficult decision to not allow proxies to be used for anyone who is not verified. As of now, the only verified users are the PR2 staff. We may expand this in the future.
  • Admins can now set a "prizer" for a server. This is an account that has the ability to set any prize on a level within a server. This is mostly for debugging purposes but can be used in other ways at an admin's sole discretion.

Apologies for the wait. We had a bunch of last-minute problems that prevented an on-time release. I hope the wait was worth it!

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Something I found on the moon

5th June 2020, 9:42 AM

Did anyone happen to watch the SpaceX launch last week? I didn't; I was on the rocket!

Yeah, I kept it a secret pretty well. I asked Elon if we could stop at the moon, and he was all for it. As it happens, the Sea of Tranquility has a fantastic internet connection!

Something I didn't anticipate about being there is just how different it is from the pictures-- and not in the way you might expect. Everything had a yellowish hue. The ground didn't feel as firm as I might've expected from a celestial body.

And then, it hit me: the moon is made w/ cheese?!

Well, I took a little bit of that moon cheese back with me, and I noticed that wearing it on my head gives me some... interesting powers. Have a look!

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