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Full Version: PR1 Songs/More Songs in PR2
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There's 14 songs in PR2 that play while racing. These are really good songs, don't get me wrong, they're absolute classics from the late 2000s era pulled ripe from Newgrounds. But I want more! The last addition was Prismatic, made by JV's own Lunanova, but that was a long, long time ago now.
To start, here's are some easy inclusions - the two "forgotten" themes from PR1, composed by Jigg himself!

Would fit nicely into nostalgia and desert/future themed levels, plus there's no permission asking needed.
In addition, I wouldn't mind some of the other songs appearing in Jiggmin's games to get in, but these may require permission from people you'd have no luck successfully contacting. Here are some good examples:

And yes, there might be some complications - the songs are hosted on pr2hub and then streamed to the game, and to add new songs would require some effort from Jiggmin himself (incredibly hard to get nowadays), but hey, it's possible! 
If you've got any songs you'd want in the game, feel free to post away.
I actually like having the short amount of songs there are, tbh. I don't want to over-do it for PR2 in the music section. I love Pr3's music selection but I think Pr2's 14 songs are iconic. Pushing it; I wouldn't mind some other game's track's from Jiggmin to make an appearance. that'd be cool!
Instead of just adding them you could add music tracks...
The normal pr2 songs would be the Classic Track.
The new songs would be put under JV Rock (or something).
And new songs could be added.
And it could be set at the settings.
Future Theme was always my fav! Such nostalgia.
I would love to see if we could get more songs to PR2, not too many. But maybe some from PR3?
Some of the PR3 songs were absolute fantastic in my opinion, would love if you could add "Entering the Demon" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrGAf_tl...ex=12&t=0s

It would be nice with some PR1 songs in PR2, or probably PRF. Maybe the PR1 songs could be campaign specific songs that only played in campaign levels?

Also some PR3 songs could be nice too, as some of them were good too imo.
It'd be cool if the theme of the never-finished LUNA game was added

(18th February 2019, 3:02 PM)Blazeth Wrote: [ -> ]It'd be cool if the theme of the never-finished LUNA game was added

that loading screen is so cool, wish I could've seen a completed LUNA
This'd be good, especially with the blacklist songs option
so if some people liked a song and others didn't (to be added) then the ones who don't like it can just blacklist it and the ones who like it get a son they like in pr2, it'd be a win-win!