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Full Version: Brew Set
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Ever need some sort of container to keep all of your friend's tears in as you beat them time after time in your favorite level? The Pitcher Body, alongside its sister parts, the Teapot Head and the Mug Feet, are for you! I call the complete package the Brew set, but call it as you wish.

[Image: pcxt624.png]

Teapot's epic upgrade changes its top, its handle, and its spout.
Pitcher's epic upgrade changes the liquid inside.
Mug's epic upgrade changes the handle. I was planning a "#1" to be on it, but it didn't come out well.
It's a little rough around the edges...but that's on purpose! PR2's artstyle isn't the most clean. It adds to the charm.
Very cool
(28th April 2019, 6:26 AM)Camer999 Wrote: [ -> ]Very cool

agreed. This should be added into the game Tongue