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Full Version: Hats and headwear
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So, as many games have done in the past and as some people including myself agree, Having a unique vanity item for Beta testers would be cool.

Similar to how mods are granted a Crown (and subsequently all the other parts) as thanks for their service, giving Beta testers a unique vanity hat would be nice way to thank them for their work into progressing PR2's future and squishing bugs past, present and future to ensure this game we all love goes on.

Dexterity whipped something up real quick and all credit goes to them.

So here it is, I present to thee the "Hard hat" for those of us whom require protection from the labours of squishing bugs and baking games.

Hat is obviously for vanity only and has no actual effect, as previously stated it would just be a nice small thanks to those who are dedicated to the cause.

Thoughts are welcome, tell me if this is stupid or not đź‘Ť
Even if it is purely cosmetic, I don’t like the idea of parts/headwear being exclusive to select groups. I think being a part of the Beta Testers guild is good enough.