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Full Version: Images in the Parts Viewer
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I'm really liking the parts viewer.
Being able to see all the parts in the game in one complete list makes it easy to find out what you have and what you're missing.

I get that the images of parts that you don't have are faded to indicate that you don't own them yet, and I'm completely fine with this, but it makes it difficult to actually see what the part looks like. Take the Frost Djinn Head for example:

[Image: ZCgVRP8.png]

You can kind of make out what the Reindeer, Croc and Gecko heads look like, but the Frost Djinn Head just looks like a random shape from here.

Clicking on the Frost Djinn Head for more information doesn't help.
[Image: lVhBhah.png]

I still have no idea what it looks like at this point.

So, my suggestion is to remove the fading when you are viewing a specific part, so you get something like this:
[Image: DkqAJY8.png]

Now that I know how cool it looks, I just might consider spending some Kreds on the Frost Djinn Set!
Maybe there is a scale set on the opacity of it and that could just be increased so it shows a little bit more but is still more faded to show that you don't have it.
I have to agree with Raiden. I don't exactly hate the current design, but it wont hurt a thing to show the player proper visuals while still indicating that they do not own it.