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Welcome to Painter of the Month!

Painter of the Month is a contest that will begin on the 1st of every month.
Submissions will be taken until the 21st.
From the 22nd to the 28th, judges will pick a winner.
The winner will be announced on the last day of the month or whenever all judges have voted.
The winner will be awarded with the Epic Bat Set!
[Image: batset.png]

How to Submit Your Painting
Only paintings made in PR2 Level Editor are going to be accepted. This includes drawings, map art, animations, etc.

To enter your painting, put your PR2 username and the name of the level you'd like to submit in a post. Screenshots are optional, but may help us know what to look at in bigger levels!

Example post

[Image: HsJpBRQ.png]

For all submissions, please be sure to follow the theme.
If your submission is "Thanked" by the host, your painting is entered in the contest.
Do not PM me your submissions on PR2, Discord, etc. All submissions must be posted on this thread to be accepted.

Current Theme

The theme for August 2020 is Animals! (Draw your favorite animal!) 


@Ashley766 (Host)

Autodot (or similar programs) are not to be used for any submissions. This will be considered cheating.
Any submissions that could be considered inappropriate will not be accepted. Keep it PG.
Anyone who submits a level that doesn't follow the rules above may have their post / level deleted and will be disqualified from the contest for that month.
Serious infractions may be grounds for a ban on PR2 per discretion of the in-game moderators.
hmm new thread
(4th October 2019, 12:39 PM)Camer the Dragon Wrote: [ -> ]hmm new thread

ye, so I can edit the contest status on the original post
One question about the thread...
why is it light gray?
(edit) Fixed!
(4th October 2019, 2:09 PM)Lego-man945 Wrote: [ -> ]One question about the thread...
why is it light gray?

I fixed it, lmk if it's still gray for you
Robo vs Dino by good job man
[Image: CQazBZw.png]
nice to see a competition actually thriving Smile
Random Drawing
Is my submission still in?
(10th October 2019, 8:50 PM)Addy Wrote: [ -> ]Is my submission still in?

potm submission by Martian (my alt)

[Image: tP8aMT5.png]

I made this aaaages ago for PotW but I always was too scared to submit it lol
User: Noah.Kiniy
Level: Painter of The Week
Hi, Got a good paint in my level.
User: pppaaatttyyy
Level: Odin and the Crowls. Smile
User; ~jbg~
 Level; hot lion [Image: yCBrcXd.png]
Username: Death
Level: Little Devil
Congratulations to @"Al Jolson" for winning this month's Painter of the Month!

[Image: NR68qhr.png]
New theme is up! You can posts your submissions below for November!
Impression - Potm
by Romen.

(He doesn't have JV2)
The worm is definitely the most stand out portion of this level, but the whole thing is really just one large painting. Managed to hit the art limit on it and had to stop.

The level is Fusion Core by Ping101.
[Image: bDcqgmh.jpg]

Pr2: VanillaThunder

Level: PoTM updated

(looks better in-game)
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