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Full Version: What am I doing here?
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Hello to you all! I am most commonly known on PR2/JV has EXP_GOD but also went by the names of Sirdakota, SFX_Trap, and many others. I come here tonight as a humble alcohol fueled man to give a greeting. It has been many years since I've left and considered looking back to this place, as this was where I spent much of my teenage years, but on a whim I decided to stop in. 

As a bit of back story I started Pr2 under the username Sirdakota which I used for over a year, though I don't suspect many people would remember me as that, since I later took on the username EXP_GOD with the booming in popularity of exp grinding. It was that username that I went by for several years and primarily used on the JV forums up until my departure approximately 5-6 years ago. I started playing Platform Racing back in my early teenage years and along the way a lot of things happened. I made many levels, friends, enemies, and mistakes as well as doing a lot of things that make me cringe when I think back on them. But after it was all said and done the game and this community was a big part of my life and all of what had happened within it will be with me forever.

I don't expect to be active here, or maybe even ever come back at all, but I decided I at least wanted to make this one post to acknowledge the perseverance of this community. After a brief look over the forums I've seen a few people whom I recognize, and many others who I don't or have changed their identity, and it brings a smile to my face to see some of you are still around. I may not have always been the most pleasant person to deal with in the past but I hope that my appearance at least doesn't offend anyone and if I'm not even remembered at all that is okay too and probably for the best.

I thank you for taking the time to humor my inebriated ramblings and I hope you have all been doing well and will continue to do well!
welcome back man! there's always a home here for you. enjoy your stay! Big Grin
Welcome back, I do recognize your name! Enjoy your stay, even if it might be a short one!
Hey dude! I never really talked to you that much, but I remember your name from back in the day! I just came back too, good to see you.
heyo! welcome! I remember your username Big Grin