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Full Version: Introduction of myself in Jiggi's website.
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Hi everyone! My name is- cough cough Hanelbachrach, simply also known as RedoxX, Greathanel908, AND Chorozred908, and I'm a returning account from a old website BUT I never post a single fourm (okay maybe) since jiggmin.com. I am 19 and my favorite color is red, of course. I am also one of Age Of Heroes for Platform Racing 2 WHICH..... I join Platform Racing 2 after Platform Racing 3 due of myself, which I was wondering about "I wanna make a online website game" just before discovering Sparkworks on one of the imagine on Google. This is where I start......not until I look at the title of game and wonder, "What's after 3?" discovering both Platform Racing 1 AND 2 since 2010 when I was 10 years old. It's nice to see everyone here in this lov- cough cough cough lovely websites here for Jiggis in this fourm here.
Hi cough cough hanelbachrach Welcome back its great alot of people remember platform racing
welcome back my friend!
Welcome back hanel Smile
Welcome back! And back to Jv2! An auspicous day.
Welcome back ol' timer =]