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Full Version: Hello!
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Hey,  signed up here in the hopes of getting back the old account I used back in grade school here. I know Bengrim20 was certainly one I used, but one of my level descriptions reads 'my account got deleted' which I'm pretty sure is 10 year old for 'I forgot my password', and I'm like 70% my first account was 'poop poop317' which is just the sort of thing I would have named my old account.

Anyway, its been wild remembering this game and coming back for a little nostalgia trip, and I was hoping to get the ability to log into my account. I do not remember the password or email for it, because it was 10 (almost 11) years ago. I don't imagine this is the space to ask anyway, so I'll leave that inquiry till later. 

Welcome to JV2! Smile If you need to make an account recovery, you can post a thread in Ask a Mod btw Tongue
Welcome! Big Grin
Like @Ashley766 said make a thread at https://jiggmin2.com/aam and the staff will be able to help.
welcome back!