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Full Version: I'm back
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(I actually posted this on the Acid Forums because I didn't know this place existed, so I'm basically copy-pasting from there)

I have no clue who's still even active on here, only like 5% of you probably even know me

Day of Lavos, Atom Heart Mother, Pinball Wizard, whatever you remember me as, I'm uh, still alive I guess. I'm at a pretty low point of my life currently and was waxing nostalgic about the past, particularly JV as that's where most of my formative years took place really. I've got some of my old JV friends on Steam and Discord, but I dunno, maybe I'm missing some, maybe I want to make more. I'll try and be a lil more active on here, I really do miss this place

If you're wondering what I've been up to I've been been on a slow, downward spiral of failure ever since I graduated high school. I'm 22 in college now and I'll spare the details cause who cares but it's not going great. I'll figure things out, don't worry, but right now I'm just constantly stressed and kinda sad. Also, I'm a girl now.

I dunno, if you wanna add me on Discord let me know, I don't wanna just put it out there for anyone. Also apologies if I don't know who you are, my memory has gotten pretty bad and I'm having a hard time remembering the hundreds of usernames I had memorized back in the day. Plus you all keep changing your names. And if you're a new person who'd like to be friends, feel free to start a conversation

Guess I'll be around a little bit, but this is mostly kind of an update and a call for anyone who wants to catch up
Welcome! Smile
I remember your name (I saw ya on AF too ya)
Welcome Big Grin
Welcome back!
welcome back lovely :)
Hey DoL! Glad to have you back. So sorry to hear about your recent struggles, but I'm glad you're taking measures to make yourself happier. My DMs are always open if you need someone to talk to! bls1999#8616