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Full Version: Haven't been on Jiggmin / PR2 in 7ish years
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It's really cute to see how this community is still together, I remember going on Jiggmin every single day after school and playing PR2. This community is awesome and PR2 is such a nostalgic game, it's quite amazing to see how this many years later people are still online too, probably reminiscing the past the same as me. The day the original site went down unexpectedly was really surprising to me as a kid, so being able to browse around here truly is a nostalgic ride. All these posts are bringing back memories, the weekly/biweekly contests, people designing skins for this game, some of members here I vaguely remember too. Thanks for everything, especially the admins of this site do to keep it up and running.
Welcome back!! Big Grin It is definitely a nostalgic hit especially to the admins to revived this site. Brings back my childhood memories Tongue Hope you enjoy your stay here!
Wb! Big Grin
Yeah JV randomly shutting down was quite the shock
This is PR2's life in a nutshell