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Hey, I'm lalafox! A lot of you may know me already on pr2 since I'm pretty active. I just started using the forums so thought I'd introduce myself and become a full member. I'm friendly and always up for a good race, so don't hesitate to challenge me if you're bored or smthn. I'm also really competitive so it's a lot of fun, especially if you are too. Anyways, yeah hi Big Grin
hihihihihihihi Big Grin Welcome lala
damn it I lost
i dig your icon
Ey Welcome to JV2 Big Grin
Yeah I've seen ya on PR2 quite a bit
(4th December 2019, 7:08 PM)platform guy Wrote: [ -> ]i dig your icon
thanks! made it ma'self
sup bro
Hey lala! Glad to see some Team Bird OGs from back in the day. Smile