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*A take on a thread from old JV*

♪ ♫ Producer Planet ♪ ♫

This is a place to connect with fellow producers of the community and receive feedback regarding your crafts (constructive criticism allowed only). If you produce music of any sort, you can leave a link to your music portfolio or something to that extent (soundcloud, youtube, spotify, etc etc.) and I will create a list of JV2's very own music producers!!

JV2 Music Producers:

While you're here, I ask that you check out everyone's pages and support them, as I will be doing the same.
Enjoy the music fest!!
***link name redacted due to violent song title; click at your own risk*** (Just the beats/instrumentals, so far, or whatever.)
I haven't been too active with my music recently because life's doing its thing right now, but my soundcloud link is https://soundcloud.com/kieranvella

I enjoy making hip-hop instrumentals, but I will happily make whatever I feel inspired by =)
bumpy wumpy?
I'm recording with my band on the 25th, Im excited to show you guys the results!

If you like heavy music, hopefully you'll like what we do ;D

Will keep you guys updated Big Grin
Since I'm starting to submit music for PR, might as well get in on here!
some lofi I make Smile
Gonna try and make some good tunes for potential PR2 addition