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Full Version: Wassup
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Hey everyone.

Not really sure if anyone remembers me, but I remember a lot of you. I remember being on the old JV way back in the day, and man, I was just a little kid back then. I remember having a really early user ID before the 100's, before it did whatever other scheme it had for uID's. I don't know why I remember that detail, other than remembering that I was always... around? I didn't post too much, but I remember making some close friends, played Halo 3 with a few friends back on xbox live, and then way later beta minecraft, but... since then a lot have drifted. I only remember or even talk to a couple still.

Maybe some of you remember me? Either way, it's great to see some familiar faces, and it's good to see the new ones too.
Welcome back, very familiar name Big Grin
Eyo Welcome Back! Smile
I forget a lot of people from old JV as it was long ago and I don't have good memory sometimes (also I joined late 2013 which was quite late into JV's time)
Hey, welcome back! C:
Hi there!
Welcome Smile
welcome back yo