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Hello all, I've known about this site since it was started but never bothered signing up until today, so here I am. I was an early member of Acid Forums and didn't like the idea of JV2 originally, but I can see bls has done a good job here and the place has grown. I joined the original JV over 10 years ago now so this is a nice dose of nostalgia.

A bit about me for those who don't know/remember me... I discovered PR2 back in early 2010 and had a blast, loved the game and was on it pretty regularly. The things I enjoyed most were playing the original campaign levels (particularly Candyland over and over with hat wars :p) and ranking up. I eventually got to rank 67 and was the highest rank in the game for a while before AlphaZ and Colind took over haha. Lots of good memories.

Anyway, I hope you guys are doing well.
Hey man, welcome back!
Welcome back Big Grin
Hi! Welcome back ^^ hope you stick around c:
Welcome to JV2 my dude
Welcome! Memories from years ago
dude! I think you were the guy that got me the Thief Hat lmao