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Full Version: hey, i'm coolest
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So i just found out about this website, and it's kind of insane to see that someone did this. I believed everyone kind of forgot about jiggmin entirely and everything just kind of died out after jiggmin.com went down in 2015, but i guess not.

I was never a JV guy but i'd been active on PR2 since around 2009, i stopped playing often when the community dwindled to around like 11 people on a good day in 2017 or so. It's kind of strange to see the game I'd play 24/7 like 10 years ago back and almost as active as it was when i first joined it. Like, 40 people on derron at once? It's insane. I never thought I'd see the day.

Anyways, yeah, i plan to hang out here a bit, maybe make fanart or something lol.
welcome back :D always a pleasure to have returning JVers!
welcome back !!!!!!!!
Welcome back! Glad to have you here! Smile
Hi! Welcome back Smile
Heya! Welcome back Smile