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Full Version: Trap Campaign
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I, along many others think there should be a trap campaign. A campaign page dedicated to trap maps, going from easy to difficult. This would be to introduce new trappers to traps. The trapping community takes up such a big part of PR2 and we deserve a campaign in my opinion. If it's too much work making an entire page for traps maybe dedicate ONE page of the 9 page campaign to traps.

Or maybe we could have a page on the favorites tab for popular favorite lists.
That could be a trap list perhaps
The benefit of it being a campaign would be to allow people wanting to play traps with other to find people easier. Typically this is done through chat and community building. I'm not sure there is enough demand for it to be worth the work, but it would certainly have benefits.
I think adding a trapping campaign would be nice for the trapping community ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ya’ll do a lot for the communities’ livelihood so i think a dedication campaign would be awesome Smile