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Full Version: Platform Racing 2 on mobile please.
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It would be a very good idea, to be able to play anytime, anywhere and new people would know the game. I love playing on mobile and it would be great to be able to play PR2 there (Also include being able to buy the crown or the cowboy hat and other things within the game on mobile).
this is a lot to unpack
When I met Bls in real life, He showed me how I can do this. I downloaded an app called "Puffin" which allows flash games to be enabled on your IPhone.

I can't really address buying things on your mobile device, but seeing as most people in pr2 play it on their computer, I'm not too sure how many people would fully transfer to playing on their phone.

It's a great thought though, and I loved playing pr2 on my cell phone at the time.
Pretty sure this has been suggested many times, unfortunately it would be quite difficult to port over as it would need to be rewritten in an entirely different code from what I understand. Also, I'm not sure Platform Racing games would work well on mobile, these games require precise movements which is something you just can't do on mobile (maybe a controller could work though?)