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Full Version: Guild Suggestion
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I can't be the only one who thinks it's annoying when scrolling through a guild member list, And the scrolling "sensitivity" is suuuuuuper sensitive. When a guild has for example 100 members, Then it's impossible to scroll slowly to see all the members. It's the top and to the bottom of the list, Nothing inbetween.

It would be nice with a guild update or atleast a list update c:
We have had the same guild "layout" since forever so maaaybe a new better layout would be nice?
Anyone have a layout request or thoughts about this?

I made a stupid video like an example if you dont understand what im talking about, Peace.
I agree. It should scroll down one page of members at a time with the up and down arrow.
I seen this on another flash game that I play, what about when you're looking at the guild, underneath the 'Members: 58' there is a 'Search: [TEXT BAR]' where you can simply find the player that you're looking for?

For example, this is how they set up their when you look at the Tribe List but is the same as Guild to see who's in it; https://prnt.sc/vrd080
I like both colind's and mystery's idea, i think both ideas would be nice.