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Full Version: Atmospheric effect and ATB requirements.
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There is a feature where each layer of art has an atmospheric effect where it takes on the color of the background to an extent. This made an amount of sense when the game first came out, but has been the bane of my existence for my time here. If it couldĀ  be toggled on or off for levels, or gotten rid of all together without messing up all the previous levels, I would be eternally grateful. For example, on my level Color Blocked, I have front layer the exact same color as a color in the background, but they are completely different colors, and if you look close enough, you can tell. The atmospheric effect also makes it impossible to get vivid colors in layers 2 and 3 especially. With the upgraded color picker, we can manually make this happen pretty easily, but it is a shame that we can't choose to have more vivid colors on those layers.

Another thing i have been thinking about is, what if the requirements for a level to be on the alltime best got lowered. The reason I would like this is that there aren't enough active players to reasonably get a new level there. I have several levels with a good enough rating to be on the ATB, but aren't there because they don't have enough plays or ratings or something. They each have around 700 plays, which I feel is enough. I feel the requirements for a level to make it to ATB are just a bit high considering how many people are actively playing and rating at this point.