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Full Version: steal the pr3 crying baby song
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I am in strong support of this. Platform Racing 2 is a great game, but it does not have the PR3 Crying Baby Song. I speak on behalf of the entire Platform Racing 3 community when I say that stealing PR3's iconic "Crying Baby" Song would certify PR2 as the best game in the series, and we would all no longer have any reason to play PR3. Please, add the Crying Baby song to Platform Racing 2 and I will play the game and it will be very epic thank you in advance for stealing the Platform Racing 3 Crying Baby Song this truly has made my day, no my life, a more magical experience. If you do not add the Crying Baby Song TM I simply will not play Platform Racing 2 or experience happiness for the remainder of my life. The crying baby sound from the song is literally me when I open up PR2 only to find that the Crying Baby Song is in fact NOT in the video gaming. Thank you for reading please do the thing the title says yeah okay.
entering the demon is really funny :)
PR3 baby song
PR3 baby game