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Full Version: Post a picture of your PC
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im surprised this thread hasnt been made yet

[Image: Wht6Az4.jpg]
Here's how my PC looked for a lot of 2020
[Image: 7WK0rQn_d.webp?maxwidth=760&fidelity=grand]
Updates: Was planning on selling my CPU and half my RAM in a H1 ITX Case (B450 Gaming ITX board) but changed my mind, I put my CPU back and sticking with half the RAM so I can actually hit the rated speed of the memory (weak memory controller on my 1600x preventing me from running 4 sticks at the rated speed). Going to throw the CPU back in the H1 whenever I upgrade to a 5800x (will have 4 sticks of RAM again too) and keep the H1 as a secondary gaming rig.

The GPU is a GTX 970 Strix I got for roughly $160 on eBay, not the best price compared to the past but a fairly decent deal right now and allows me to actually play any game again (albeit not with the best performance in the latest and greatest), GPU will also go in the H1 when I upgrade to a 3060 Ti. VRM temps on this 970 are absolutely terrible though so I'm going to really be adjusting frequency and voltage (VRM thermal pad was replaced but the VRM cooling design is just awful)

Got a H100i RGB Pro XT AIO for around $70 after some discounts from GameStop that I threw into my case, and I definitely could not go any thicker on the fans or radiator lol. I'll have to do some in-depth thermal testing but it already appears to be much better cooling than my previous cooler (and looks much better lol) so I'm gonna see what kind of OC I can get out of my 1600x but I'm not expecting much (I'll likely go back to stock frequencies and just focus on reducing the voltage as efficiency and longevity is much more interesting to me than minor OC gains, not like the old days anymore)

Oh and yes, that's a AAA to AA battery adapter I'm temporarily using to prop up my GPU lol (I wouldn't use an actual battery)

[Image: ffsc0tN.jpg]
Photos with the side panel on  And here's my cable management on the other side (I took out my HDD cage and 1TB HDD, cable management was just a pain with it there. Got a 1TB 860 EVO SSD in it's place)