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Full Version: Consequences! - Time to PAY UP!
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STOP and think for a moment!... Have you ever done something in your life before, that you really wish you shouldn't have done? This could be anything from traveling to a place where you're really not supposed to go to, eating something that you really shouldn't eat, spending money on something that essentially has no value, etc.

Whatever it is you did, you know your conscious told you over and over again, NOT to do it. But when you disobeyed it and did it anyway, you had to suffer the aftermath. Pain, penniless, broken relationships, bad grades, missing computer files, etc. Sometimes, the aftermath could be your life.

Maybe you've had nightmares about something before, where you took the wrong pathway that wasn't met for you. Now, all of a sudden, there's a king cobra snake, waiting to bite the living shit outta you, and you can't get away! You get what I mean, by now.

I'm not going to suggest anything to help you make better decisions; this is more of me just picking your brain, asking you to share your experiences on ANY bad decisions that you regret making in the past. This is a completely, unbiased subject.
Is this the “BONE CHILLING” thread you speak of?
(28th June 2022, 10:57 PM)Uptight 534 Wrote: [ -> ]Is this the “BONE CHILLING” thread you speak of?

Nahh, this isn't it. I just thought I would drop this off, randomly. The "BONE CHILLING" thread will be much more complexed than this.
I regret not talking to more people and making friends at school. I haven't found people like my schoolmates, I miss them.

Should have been more friendly and I wish I had interacted with them more.
Asking to be a mod in PR2.

But on a serious note, I regret how I treated people on the original JV. I trolled the shit out of everyone, and even though most people have forgotten or moved on, it still lives with me. Not to mention all of the lies I spread around about myself and my life. But the upside to this is it helped me realize how toxic that behavior was, and it shaped me into a better person.
not being an mod
noodles, a silly mod mistake does not justify years of spamming.