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Full Version: Near death experiences
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Has anyone had a near death experience, or just a simply scary experience from your childhood?
Here's a Storytime thread!

       Once I was walking In my back yard quand j'etait petit. Our fence has these lamps on it every couple sections around our backyard. We were having a fire at night and I was walking alongside the fence and I stuck my hand out to lean on the fence. I put my hand right in front of one of the lamps and began to lean. A split second before my hand would've hit the lamp I turned and looked at I and saw a large black widow spider the size of the entire face of the lamp. If I hadn't noticed right before, my hand would've landed right on top of the spider. I would've likely been bitten as soon as my hand touched its back.
      I probably Wouldn't have died if bitten though since the type of Black Widow we have here is the less venomous variant of the two. Either way, I'd have ended up in the hospital.

        Or that other time I took a bet to jump off of a 4 story building.
I almost died in March 2016.

Its a really long story...
It started with me being misdiagnosed as bipolar when I told my parents I didn't want to be a part of their religion any more. (Its sort of a cult... If you get kicked out the other believers aren't allowed to talk to you. I was afraid my parents might kick me out, not talk to me or let my little brother see me. I was understandably stressed and losing weight, having trouble sleeping before I had the talk with my parents. I looked like crap... my Dad decided someone must have slipped me drugs and had me taken to the hospital. I had a panic attack and couldn't explain much besides that I was stressed lately and not sleeping...)

Anyhow, I was prescribed Lithium, a really dangerous drug that's used to prevent mania in bipolar patients. Its really easy to overdose on. Overdosing causes your nerves to swell up. Getting dehydrated can cause the medication levels to build up and make you overdose. I did not know this and wasn't informed by my doctor. He actually warned me not to drink too much too fast or else I'd flush the meds out of my system.

In March I got the stomach flu. I ended up getting dehydrated because of this... I was slowly being poisoned.
the early symptoms of lithium toxicity are similar to stomach flu. Symptoms include "diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, stomach pains, vomiting, and weakness." I had all that and just figured it was from being sick. Things got worse... I started developing severe hand tremors and trouble speaking. I felt dead tired but couldn't fall asleep for days. Someone convinced me to take an extra Lithium pill... That was a mistake. I ended up blacking out soon after. I thought I was going to die then. I remember being surprised when I woke up a couple hours later.

I had been visiting family at the time. I took a plane home though because I was so sick. I was in bad shape when I got home. I could barely speak. I couldn't sleep. My nerves were all inflamed. Different parts of my body were numb and had a pins and needles feeling. I could barely use my left arm. I spent the time in bed believing I was going to die. I spent some time crying because of how terrible it would be for my mom to find my dead body and lose her child. What would happen to everyone when I was gone? I hadn't done enough in my life yet.

My heart wasn't beating right. I had no desire to breath. I had to mentally force myself to breath and it was difficult. My arms and legs kept falling asleep if I laid still for too long. My body was shutting down. (Late stage chronic lithium toxicity causes your organ systems to fail until you fall into coma and eventually die.) Part of me wanted to die too. I believed I had permanent brain and nerve damage... I didn't want to live like that. I thought my brain broke from being awake for so long. Thought I'd never fall asleep again... I'd just eventually die of sleep deprivation.
Part 2:

At one point a couple days after I got home I decided it was time. I stopped forcing myself to breath and just waited. I don't know how long I went without breathing. My whole body starting involuntarily twitching and shuddering. My heart heaved with each beat and seemed to be slowing. I kept thinking about my family and friends, mostly my mom. Thinking about what death would hold for me. I realized I was terrified of dying. Then I thought back to my mom hugging me before she left for work that morning and telling me that she loves me and knows I'll get better soon, that I'm young and healthy and I'll bounce back even if it seems bad now. I decided to try, for her.

I had to force myself to take another breath but I couldn't. For a moment I was afraid I had passed the point of no return. It took all of my will power to get my chest to rise and take a breath. I took breath after breath and tried to make myself sit up. It was slow at first. My arms felt like they were held down by chains or weighed 100 pounds. My hands were totally numb. I was sobbing and trying to shake life back into them. I tried to move my legs but couldn't. Once my arms were kind of working I grabbed each leg and started trying to shake the life back into them. Slowly but surely the feeling crept back and I could move them again. I was back from the brink and determined to live now. Determined to try my best to get better.

It was slow going but I recovered. It was a couple more days before I was up and about again. I tried to help my Dad out in the garden. Just to make myself do something. Use my arms and legs. My left arm was really weak and the pins and needles feeling and pain took around a week to go away. I still had terrible hand tremors. I had difficulty comprehending things, especially when reading. My language skills were returning though.

Luckily I'd been on vacation from work at the time. I was afraid to go back to work because my brain still felt like it barely worked compared to how it used to be. My ankle needed surgery at the time. I'd been planning on having it during the summer but my parents and I decided to have it now so I could go on medical leave and use the time to recover. I kept progressing after the surgery. In April I decided I should find a new hobby to keep me occupied. I spent a lot of time reading about it and slowly regained my comprehension skills. I spent as much time as I could just reading. I'd read tons of articles on reddit. My ankle took quite awhile to heal. It kept swelling up if I was on my feet for more than a couple hours. I didn't go back to work until August 2016.

2 years later and I'm pretty much back to normal. The hand tremors were very noticeable for the first 6 months or so. At this point they're almost gone. If I make a fist and slowly open my hand I just shake a bit in my right hand during the release. I wouldn't say I'm at 100% mentally yet. In the 90's% though and still improving. I havn't taken medications in well over a year either. Screw meds. Don't follow your doctor's advice when you know they're wrong! Or at least get a second opinion.
Thanks for reading.
The closest I've ever been to death was taking my own life.

...Thankfully, I no longer see any reason to do so. So you don't have to worry about that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you ever feel like doing it yourself, please do PM me.
i got held hostage by 3 black guys making threats to cut my fingers off if they didn't get £1000 by 5PM. i managed to jump out the bedroom window when they were all getting high on weed at around 4PM. I also woke up to someone kicking my girlfriends door down and they came at me with spikey metal balls when i was dealing class A never get inolved in that life
Woah that's much scarier than me almost touching a spider...
Missed a light post going 80mph by less than a foot. Measured where my tire tracks were and my side mirror missed the post by ~3 inches.
I never really had any near death experiences. The closest could be when I got into a car accident where I was entering the right lane of a highway while someone else was changing lanes from the center lane to the right lane (~45 mph). It was just a minor sideswipe where we just touched, so no injuries occurred. If I entered at a steeper angle it would have been worse.
When i was 15 years old i got sick with a pain in my stomach, I thought it was a bug or the flu. My condition started to get worse as the days went by, at the 4th day, It got so bad that i couldn't stand for more than 10 seconds, I had to crawl to move to different places in my house. I started filling my tub full of hot water to try to take my mind off of the pain. This helped a little, But my condition kept getting worse. By the 7th day, I hadn't had any food for 5 days as everytime i would eat, I would end up throwing it all up after eating. I remember sitting in the living room so sick that i thought i wasn't going to make it. From what i was told, I ended up passing out and going into a coma. My mother called 911 and they took me to the hospital. Once i got to the hospital, I was life flighted to another hospital an hour and a half away. I remember trying to wake up when i was in my coma, But i couldn't. I thought what had happen was that i ended up getting into a car crash and i was asleep for 40 years. It felt like i was asleep forever. I tried so hard to wake up, But nothing worked. I didn't stop fighting though. I ended up waking up with my family around my bed surprised i was alive. The doctor told them that i was close to death. What had happen was i went into a diabetic coma because my body was no longer giving out insulin. Insulin is something that keeps your blood sugar levels normal, and we would die without it. I passed out again as i was to weak to stay awake. I didn't try fighting the sleep this time as i knew where i was. I woke up the next day and the doctors broke the news to me that i was a type 1 diabetic. My life was changed ever since. Now i have to take a insulin shot everytime i eat something. It's no fun after doing it for 6 years. I ended up recovering from what had happened to me. The doctors even used my condition for research to help other people. Blessed to have survived though it with my body intact. There are plenty of risk that could happen to me if i do not take care of myself. That is why it can get hard at times taking the shots as it is a constant thought that will not go away. Just be thankful to whoever thinks life is hard, Because your life can change in a blink of an eye. Think of all the bad that could be wrong with you the next time you think down on yourself.
I've never really had one... but one time I almost drowned  Embarrassed
never really had one but one time I got launched off a scooter into a road
fortunately I somehow only got a puffed up lip and the road is not busy at all so nothing was there (it was moreso an entry into a car park)
My ex-best friend wanted to kill me, but didn't. I got in a bike accident, my head missed the sidewalk by like, a foot. I was walking home from school as a kid when these two giant dogs approached me and started growling, but my mom drove by and noticed, told me to get in the car. I was in my mom's car when it spun out into the other lane, but luckily there was no incoming traffic. I was at a gas station once when lightning struck maybe 10 feet away from me, that was the scariest shit ever. The thunder sounded like a bomb going off. That's all the ones I can remember.
(12th November 2020, 8:09 PM)Ashley766 Wrote: [ -> ]I've never really had one... but one time I almost drowned  Embarrassed

yeah I nearly drowned a few times, but overall my stories are more ragtag than near-death.

swam with fins once, idk if it was sharks or dolphins 'cause I didn't see them myself, people on the cliffs did, we just got out of the water. lots of moments with water really, pool and beach even tho I'm a competent swimmer. I was one of those kids that would go right out the back of the waves and stuff but could spot a rip etc. etc., so sometimes found myself getting dumped and whatnot. nothing too serious; I might've blacked out for a moment when I hit my head on the seafloor once but idr remember.

tbh I've had a few head knocks which isn't ideal. I feel a little bit dumber sometimes but I don't think I've done anything too bad.

fell down a mountain in China but I was alright. made the local news. been on a modernish (emphasis on ish) passenger plane in the same country out in middle of nowhere that rattled and groaned as we flew through a storm which was pretty scary.

had a few surgeries but nothing too severe. I get heart pains if I sleep on my left side which is weird but should be alright.
(2nd February 2018, 7:04 AM)~Bowl Wrote: [ -> ]The closest I've ever been to death was taking my own life.

...Thankfully, I no longer see any reason to do so. So you don't have to worry about that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you ever feel like doing it yourself, please do PM me.

The closest I was to dying was also by trying to take my own life (iirc that night was all documented on the old JV with some blog posts!).

I often forget that that happened, must be some kind of memory repression in addition to how far I've come from that mental state.

If anyone ever feels that way, please PM me also.

The second time was probably when I almost got jumped by a group of men who were all bigger than me (which is not saying much) in a parking lot behind a bar.
In high school, freshman year, I wanted to kill myself due to being bullied so much but after my attempt and someone stopping me I didn't plan on doing it again and just moved on.

Junior year of high school, I had open lunch w/ a friend and decided to go get food, we turn right and his tire rod broke, and we hit a pole, I blacked out because I hit my head on the edge of the windows (hopefully that makes sense) of the passenger side. My friend thought I died but when I came to, there was police and everything.. luckily all I had was a concussion & got to go home.
I once fell from the stage, was supposted to land on my back, right into concrete block, could have been severe, but i closed my eyes, amd i somehow got turned completely, and landed safely on my stomach, it was like a miracle.

Another time i used to travel by train to school in city then travel back with it, i was very tired, because i used to stay up late those days playing games obsessively..
I stood very close to the train track, a train was coming, suddenly its like my mind went sleepy and i lost balance, i was supposted to fall infront of the train, but some force grabbed me and pulled me back, when i looked around, nobody was near.
I climb trees
Last year I actually had something that I wouldn't call one, but I would deffo say is more worthy of the thread than my last post lmao

I had rly low blood iron level it was 30g/L instead of regular 135g/L and I basically couldn't do anything for 5 days before and had a constant beating headache, 2 weeks before I went to the hospital I almost fainted bringing in shopping for like 10 metres

I was at university on my own when this happened so my mum had to get me from there because I wasn't gonna go back for another month and even though we did book train ticket back, it would've been 4 days later than I actually ended up going back and I kept insisting that my mum not waste time coming to get me since I didn't want to make her come and get me since I only really suspected it was a bit of tiredness and a headache, when we were going back in the car it was terrible I felt like I was gonna faint constantly just from sitting up, cos I felt like that every time I sat up for 10 minutes or more

When I got to the hospital they had to give me 3 blood transfusions and I was in there was 6 days it was so boring they didn't even have a tv or anything they just put me in a legit empty room apart from the bed and a clock I hated it, I think they did that cos covid was a problem and they didn't want me getting it because I was rly ill in general, but they didn't tell me this until like 4 days in which was what rly pissed me off, if they told me at the start I would've been fine with it but they took 4 days to tell me

During this time I went down to like 45kg body weight (usually I'm like 75kg or so, and I'm 5'7" / 1.7m tall for extra context)
I tried to saty that god exits on an thread and amlost died
When I was 15 I nearly got hit by a speeding car while I was spaced out, it hit my jacket, but not me.

At around age 20 I took an unexpectedly strong dose of 25C-NBOMe which can kill at heavy doses. It can be fatal at as little as twice the "normal" dose. I had no idea my dose was that strong before I took it though. Do not mess with this compound.

A few years ago I drank too much alcohol way too quickly. It was only 20% vodka, but I literally had nothing to eat the whole day and then proceeded to drink about 1L very quickly plus potentially more as I can't really remember much after that. I don't drink at all normally, so I had no tolerance built up either. Last thing I remember before my hangover started was fainting and almost falling on top of shattered glass, but when I woke up I had managed to pull a large bag of toilet paper so it fell over on top of the glass, and when I woke up I was lying on top of the toilet paper bag.

I'm sure this is peanuts compared to what other people have experienced.