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I don't really care what happens tonight,
Everything's alright when the artists unite!

Here's a thread to show off any artworks you may have created!
Let's show the world what we're capable of!

[Image: zgjL6hI.png]
Realism Practice
One day, I went on iScribble and decided to start practising realistic type art. I've deviated away from my usual cartoony-ish artstyle and tried something new. Oh and that's not me; that's one of my favourite musical composers.

[Image: 0Jj3VE9.png]
Infinity III
This drawing was my birthday gift to Doctor Infinity III, a tremendously talented (yet rarely posting) artist from back in the older days of JV. He's a space alien with a sonic multi-tool that travels through time and space, kicking ass alongside his companions. Completely original idea and not based off of anything at all.
The Images are not loading correctly Frown
(27th November 2017, 9:17 AM)Bluelightning Wrote: [ -> ]The Images are not loading correctly Frown

They are there for me. 
Also good job.
(27th November 2017, 9:22 AM)Stxtics Wrote: [ -> ]They are there for me. 
Also good job.

This is what I see :[blahblahblah.jpg] each time
(27th November 2017, 9:24 AM)Bluelightning Wrote: [ -> ]This is what I see :[blahblahblah.jpg] each time

Are you on phone or PC?
(27th November 2017, 9:25 AM)Stxtics Wrote: [ -> ]Are you on phone or PC?

I'm on a Chromebook laptop
(27th November 2017, 9:25 AM)Bluelightning Wrote: [ -> ]I'm on a Chromebook laptop

Ok, I'm not sure why it shows that.
Is this where the musicians and band nerds are at?
Even hand drawn stuff?
[Image: more_garfarfarfars_by_comiccattad-dbimuw1.png]

[Image: the_garfuffoofleps_by_comiccattad-dbii1df.png]
(28th November 2017, 9:13 PM)tadtad Wrote: [ -> ][Image: more_garfarfarfars_by_comiccattad-dbimuw1.png]

[Image: the_garfuffoofleps_by_comiccattad-dbii1df.png]

This is amazing, I love it.
(28th November 2017, 10:49 PM)bilal Wrote: [ -> ]WE NEED MORE ART!! :3

I’m gonna post some later or tomorrow, I got a lot of art work I’ve always wanted to show people. Smile)
Glad to see Tank and Prinny back on JV where they can post their art.  Big Grin
I have some cancer i drew in MC Paint with a mouse
This is handdrawn  Cool
but not done
That drawing of George is my fav. Though the smile is a bit off, everything is amazing.

I don't draw too much anymore as i focus on graphic design, but I can appreciate some good art by others. Go nuts.
Some older stuff I've done
[Image: everything_ends_by_comiccattad-dboz0as.png][Image: blue_by_comiccattad-dbng9vx.png]
[Image: 98465c_25d72034ad314fd69bb7bdef955a4d54~mv2.png][Image: 98465c_0c7803a7df554c76bc48dd02b7ec77a9~mv2.png]

Two of my Favorites that i've done so far.
[Image: 26195675_1740838255980400_64732324844230...e=5ABD29B1][Image: 26239354_1740838252647067_46832162407744...e=5AF8D04C]
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