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Village Rules - bls1999 - 10th November 2017

Welcome to Jiggmin's Village!

The village has several moderators who act as peacekeepers; they strive to keep the village running safely and smoothly. If you fail to follow the village rules, you may be warned or banned by a moderator.

Keep the site clean.
Let’s keep all content civil. Don’t post porn, spam, pointlessly naughty words, links to anything illegal, or otherwise inappropriate references, words, or content.  Don’t quote posts that break the rules.

Respect your neighbors.
Don’t start a fight when there isn’t one. Try to keep your conversations on-topic. Don’t be a troll.

Protect the village.
Report spammers, haters, and hackers.

These rules do not cover every possible situation. Use your best judgment, and the moderators will as well.