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VOTING: CotM Round 28 - Eternal - 26th July 2020

Here are our finalists for the Round #28!

Theme by Author

- Adventure Campaign  by @Minimania
- Time Campaign by @Addy
- The Frontier Campaign by @TRUC
- Mini Campaign by @"Al Jolson"

@Minimania, @Addy, @TRUC, and @"Al Jolson" must abstain from voting.

All votes will go through a verification process. Fraudulently placed votes will result in disciplinary action including (but not limited to) disqualification of campaign/vote, suspension of participation/voting privileges, and PR2 disciplinary action.

For a sample judging scheme, you can see @bls1999's judging streams on YouTube.
Voting closes on August 1st. Thanks!

RE: VOTING: CotM Round 28 - Ashley766 - 1st August 2020

bump Tongue

RE: VOTING: CotM Round 28 - Eternal - 2nd August 2020

Congrats to @"Al Jolson" for winning! New campaign should be live in the next few hours.