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PR2 Loadout Confirmation - AlphaZ - 5th February 2022

I accidentally closed the other thread... maybe a mod can delete it lmao

This is more of a quality of life suggestion, but I think there should be a confirmation window whenever you attempt to change PR2 loadouts. Whenever you press keys 0-9 your characters stats and style change, but this can be rather annoying if you didn't want to use a loadout. So maybe a prompt that says: "Are you sure you want to use loadout x?" would be helpful before applying the stats and style changes.

[Image: ISrzyvm.gif]

RE: PR2 Loadout Confirmation - Stunt - 6th February 2022

Can confirm this has happened to me before. Maybe when you click 1 have to preview pop up of the style/stats and ask for confirmation.

Not terribly urgent but definitely would be a nice fix

RE: PR2 Loadout Confirmation - Master Raiden - 6th February 2022

I've been annoyed by this as well.

I think these 'empty' loadouts should not be loadable.
Only loadouts that you have saved should be loadable.

This would require a button to clear/delete a loadout.

RE: PR2 Loadout Confirmation - bls1999 - 23rd March 2022

Added in 167!