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Life in Ukraine - LuniFoxo - 13th September 2022

Hello everyone! I have returned!
I sincerely apologize for my absence, I lost interest in PR2 and JV stuff in general for a while but I decided to come back to check up on whatever has been happening recently, as well as provide some life updates.

As some of you may know, I live in Ukraine, and right now, my country is at war. It's been really difficult here for the past 6, almost 7 months, but we keep on going. If any of you are worried - I live on the western part of the country, and in a city that the Russian army just doesn't care about, so I'm safe for the most part. One thing that has been under my skin is the constant air raids that come out of nowhere, especially at night (I swear, waking up at 3 AM due to the sirens is my biggest pain so far)
But otherwise, it's been pretty alright. Recently the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been making some outstanding progress, freeing dozens of small villages and even one major city. That doesn't mean that stuff is over yet though.
Nowadays I just hope that the war ends as soon as it can.

One big thing that has happened to me is that in the first week of the war, PayPal finally became accessible to all Ukrainians. Prior to that, it has been banned or just hardly usable. With this, I finally managed to start doing art commissions! And so far I've been seeing so much success with it, even if I charge $10 per (a detailed shaded) piece. I finally managed to finally buy some Jigg Coins lol
I hope to get enough money to get out of here safely without any worry of the Russian army bombing a city.

Anyways, sorry for such a lengthy post, I just wanted to give a little update on how things have been. Thanks for reading, have a blessed day! <3

RE: Life in Ukraine - bls1999 - 14th September 2022

Luni! It's awesome to see you back.

I'm so sorry to hear about your experiences living through the war in Ukraine. Please know you have our full support. The village will always be here -- take care of yourself and be safe.

RE: Life in Ukraine - Camer the Dragon - 14th September 2022

Hopefully you can stay safe considering the situation
Also altho the Air Raid sirens deffo sound annoying, at least they're there in-case something bad did happen where you are