Speedrunner of the Week #46
Speedrunner of the Week
Welcome to Speedrunner of the Week! What is Speedrunner of the Week? It is a contest for skilled players, there are racers, fast racers, and on another level, speed runners. Do you have what it takes to be a speed runner?
How does it work? Every week a new Level is picked for players to speed run, a time is selected for you to beat, you must beat that time and all other contestants' times, the fastest time sent in by the end of the week will be the winner. 
The winner each week will earn the Crocodile Set + Epic.
The contest rules are listed below:
Failure to follow these guide lines will void your run for the week.
No corner glitches are allowed.
You are only allowed to use 180 Stat Points(Rank 30)
You are not allowed to use any hats other than the Exp Hat, Kong Hat, and Party Hat.
You are not allowed to win two weeks in a row.
Stat blocks and Items are allowed.
Only Video Submissions are allowed.
Important! You can only win the prize on the account used during the video of your run.
You must submit your run by 0:00 Sunday CST.
The Level Selected For This Week:
Square by Fresh Cookies (6326984)
Last Week's Winner: M!nt!

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