This is just amazing to me!
If anyone has the luxury of a damn good, RTX 3090 TI Graphics Card, or anything even remotely similar to this installed, let me know how it's running on your PC. The max I can do in this video is probably 4K, since I'm running an AMD Radeon Pro 5300M on Mac. I'm thinking I'll need a separate laptop strictly for gaming, streaming, and being able to view stuff like this in 8K. I think they go for $1,500, the RTX.

If you have a high, functioning monitor... then you should have no problem going 4K and up. Let me know how it's doing on your PC, buffering or not. FYI, mine just lags and has frequent pauses in an attempt to accommodate 8K resolution.


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This is just amazing to me! - by Different - 25th August 2022, 4:27 PM
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