CotM: Round 28
Welcome to Round #28 of Campaign of the Month!

You'll be able to submit your Campaigns on this thread.
Additionally, if you have any levels you'd like to advertise, you can post them here too.


- Do not copy others' submissions.
- Do not include levels that are already in permanent Campaigns or award prizes (i.e. Hat Factory and The Golden Compass cannot be used).
- Try not to include levels that include advanced glitches or maneuvers.
- You are limited to two levels per creator per campaign (this includes any of their accounts).

You are allowed to include any level in your Campaign that appears on PR2 (including your own); however, all levels must adhere to the PR2 rules (e.g. the level Treasury by PooZy would not adhere to the PR2 rules due to having profanity). Remember: this is the first thing users will see when starting the game!

The contest host has the authority to modify/add rules as they see fit.

Submission Format

PR2 Name: Your PR2 name (the one you want your prize on)
Theme (if applicable): Example
Theme Explanation (if applicable): This is an example campaign.
Level 1: A tutorial level
Level 2: An easy level
Level 3: An easy level
Level 4: A more difficult level
Level 5: A more difficult level
Level 6: A more difficult level
Level 7: A challenging level
Level 8: A challenging level
Level 9: Something really challenging

For more information, please visit the main thread for Campaign of the Month.
Submissions close July 25th, 2020. Happy creating! Big Grin
PR2 Name: Minimania of EE
Theme: Adventure
Theme Explanation: These levels are going to take you on a magical journey through many places. Smile
Level 1: Platform Racing Tutorial by Mfdom
Level 2: Emerald Gardens by Lunanova
Level 3: Orion by TRUC
Level 4: Galaxy Escape by iSafari
Level 5: Hyperspeed by Dangevin
Level 6: Dark Manor by Se!tres
Level 7: Tear Tower by Arcaninesy
Level 8: |-Jungle Adventure-| by Genius77
Level 9: Zen by Minimania of EE
[Image: JfLGGjI.png]
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Pr2 Name: Addy888*
Theme: Time Campaign

Theme Explanation: while messing with Time Travel, Time has broken and you must hurry to Race against time itself before it is too late!

1. Newbieland 2 (time attack) by Addy888*

2. Time war: Part 1 by ttisawesome

3. You vs. Time by Player987

4. Clock Work by MegBak

5. Time Attack by foolish

6. Race against time by Addy888*

7. Clock Tower by Speed Lightning

8. Time Castle by Derkaschnub

9. Time Challenge by Crystalina
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PR2 Name: Goliathe
Theme: The Frontier Campaign
Theme Explanation: Find yourself exploring the strangest places in the world, where only few have been, in this campaign.
Level 1: Templum Caeli by Goliathe
Level 2: Hyperspeed by Dangevin
Level 3: Sweetland by Ezmeralda
Level 4: The Fighter's Retreat by Milkmann
Level 5: Atlantis by Justinbob100
Level 6: Míhíra by Overbeing
Level 7: Destiny by AuraOpal
Level 8: Blizzard by Croozen
Level 9: Mountain of Sacrifice by CaioPasqualon
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PR2 Name: ~JBG~
Theme: Mini Campaign
Theme Explanation: Evil aliens have shrunken the original campaign to teeny tiny maps.
Level 1: small newbieland 2 by Zipper579
Level 2: mini mario bros remix by winner not
Level 3: MINI Soul Temple by Ash145
Level 4: MINI Razor Blade by Ash145
Level 5: Mini It's new york by horblox
Level 6: Mini Blacklight by Kurt Aston
Level 7: Mini Candyland by surfin bird
Level 8: Zeorstar Claustrophobia by ~JBG~
Level 9: Compact Hat Factory by ~JBG~
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Submissions are closed!

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