PR2 v156: A Shocking Turn of Events
This update contains some UI changes, QOL updates, two new sets, a new hat, and bug fixes.

- Names are now clickable when announced in the chat with tournament mode active. Find players with ease!
- Added two new chat commands. /community gives links to JV2 and the discords, and /contests gives a link to the contests page on PR2hub.
- You can now use the delete key in the level editor. Backspace also works.
- You can now use enter to search on the search tab. No more pesky clicking for you!
- Messages sent using "PM Everyone" on a guild page now show an icon on the top-right of the message. It looks like an envelope with arrows.
- Expanded the credits page. It now includes credits for artists and a link to contribute to the PR2 server repo on github.
- The Gecko Set has been redrawn. Thanks, @Magyar!
- Added the Sea and Brew Sets. Thanks to @Northadox and @Magyar for creating these beautiful sets!
- Added the Jellyfish Hat. If you get close to an opponent (who is not wearing the party or jellyfish hats), it will give them a nasty shock! I'm really excited about this addition; it's the first hat added since 2013!

- A server error on guild editing or creation, or when drafting a PM, no longer gets rid of the popup. No more losing your progress on long messages or proses.
- The moon hat no longer gives a GP bonus. As a consolation, GP is now much easier to obtain.
- The EXP multiplier listed on the race complete popup now reflects the actual multiplier value. What a concept!
- The skewed text sizing on levels is now fixed. This should've been fixed much earlier; my apologies. Thanks to @AspectZero for pointing out the issue to me. Note: This will mess up the text formatting on levels published after about January 25, 2019. This is unavoidable when reverting the text bug for older levels. Make sure to fix and re-upload your levels. Sorry for the inconvenience.
- Eggs mode works again. I'll have an omelette, please.
- Hitting a happy/sad block with a speed burst active no longer cancels the burst. PR2 players of olde rejoice at this one.
- Faraway players' positions now update normally. @Stxtics and @BrokenBulb are gonna looooooveeeee this one.
- Lightning bolts now strike other players on your screen. Before, it only struck the player and no opponents.
- Hitting space when focused on the quit button in a race now asks if you really want to do that. Because for those of us who don't use this, it's a pain in the butt.
- If a mod edits a guild, it will then send the owner a notification via PM. No more "ermagherd who edited my guild?!"
- Servers should crash a little less frequently now. They're really finicky, but I spoke to a manager and I think they're going to cooperate now.

I haven't actually decided how I want the jellyfish hat to be earned; all I know is that I want it to be an in-game prize and not limited to contests. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to send them my way.

I post about the latest site updates on the Dev Log. If you have suggestions, feel free to post them here.
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