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So last night I went back to composing for the first time in over 2 years, and even though I lack a lot of confidence in my writing, I apparently decided it was a good idea to jump straight back into it with a polyphonic canon. Noob Noob Noob 

Obviously I am not my best critique, but this is just a WIP and nothing has been polished yet. I've worked on it for about 2 or 3 hours in two sittings now, and I basically just go with the flow without thinking back. Opinions so far ?
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What a gorgeous piece! Well done @TRUC!!

You should consider writing a song for PR2... 👀

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That's incredible!!! Eek Big Grin
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Loving it bro
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Nice! Definitely could be played in a Ye Old Castle Town in a video game. I haven't heard any of your other stuff so I don't have further reference but: Do you usually stick to 1 phrase for your compositions? It might make things feel fresh to throw in a B section. But it would probably be weird to have 1 B section amongst many A's so you'd have to play around with having a couple in there I'd imagine.

How do you feel about this transition: 
If your bass is playing 1...2...4...3.2. (1 is high) then after doing that phrase having 3major, 3minor, 1major, 2major (maybe twice?)
It sounds like a good way to end the song too, has like a resolving sign of relief feeling.

I also am not classically trained nor do I write classical music so... take my words with like 4 grains of salt  Embarrassed

EDIT: Also IDK what a polyphonic canon is so this suggestion might be against those rulesssssssss
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