I grew up on Jiggmin.com
Big Grin 
Being both homeschooled and getting most of my social interaction from jiggmin.com was not a normal way to live! 

I had 6000+ posts, and 500+ blog entries. Jiggmin was my life! I made friends and even had crushes on some female members.

Kids these days will never understand the internet the way we saw it as kids. This brings back memories.
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Welcome back home Smile
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Welcome back!! I never thought I'd see your name again! Tongue
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Welcome back Dealth! Great to see another OG JVer coming back. Smile

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Dealth! welcome back yo.
Welcome back fam Smile
Welcome back! Smile
Hey, welcome back Big Grin
"Kids these days will never understand the internet the way we saw it as kids"
truer words have never been spoken lmao. Good to see you again, man.
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