post your personal stats
post your personal racing, trap, and frust stats

my racing stats - (rank 62)+santa hat
[Image: VVmhaU1.png]

my trap stats - (rank 49)
[Image: Ux9irdz.png]

my frust stats - (rank 62)
[Image: 5vJZtNP.png]
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Trap stats:

[Image: bAMXjMB.png]

Racing stats:

[Image: 1HaGe11.png]
Race stats:

100 65 46

Trap Stats:

84 86 46
88 86 46 (When I reach rank 70)

Frust Stats:

84 86 46
87 84 46
88 86 46 (When I reach rank 70)
77 84 56 (In cases where 56 is necessary)

These are my non-glitch stats. If you wanted me to list all of my glitch stats, then JV might break from the message being too long.
oh boy, I use a large variety of stats. Many maps I route have custom stats to make glitches easier
However, if it is a map I do not know (or I don't have time to route) I use (96/100, 46, 40/49/54)
If I am using santa hat I will use (86, 71, 40) (these are actually nice corner glitching stats)
If I frust I use (56/66/76, rest, 46)

I also could say every stat I would use for each map, but that would be a long list
Race (General):

Race (Speed):

[Image: r2PicwZ.png]


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