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Have the top 1-3 times on a level saved as "ghost data" so you can watch the fastest runs through the level.

Say you click on the "?" next to the level, and there's a "View Replays" button. Which takes you to something like this:

[Image: F3lm7Ot.png]

This would be useful for several reasons:

1.) It would act as a mini HOF for each level.

2.) You could improve your strategy on a level by watching the fastest times.

3.) The level creator could see if there's any unintentional glitches in their level from the replays, and patch them.
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Some one was making a bot that would play replays at some point.
This sounds cool

also it'd be nice if these times were server times and not client times (so people who have higher ping aren't disadvantaged)

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