What if we had a chance again?
Hello guys. I don't have that much of context to came up with, just another ordinary Platform Racing 2 player from the OG times. Still remember when my sis came up sayin PR2 had been released. I had around 7/8 years, maybe 9. I grew up a lot on this game, mainly when I was young. It really meant a lot for me.

As I said, I'm just another ordinary guy having random ideas, which won't help a lot.


What if we just put together all of our strenghts to give a chance of growing a new community again, a youth one?

What are we good at? Do we have education? Do we know stuff? Are we just good people? Are we graduated? We don't have 9 years old anymore, we learned something in all this years, and I think everything actually counts to make it possible. I'm good at Audiovisual and Multimedium content, design and marketing, and things like that. If I can help on anything, I'm literally ofering help for free


It's actually pretty easy to just came up to the game after months of inactivity and register for the first time in Jiggmin's Village to write a post.

But I'm about to go straight to my points: can we actually spot what we missing to have a chance at least once again? Is it even possible to have a chance again? What do we need for that or what are the first steps?

Advertising? - How can we advertise old school things if technology came up with "much better ideas"?
Sharing on social-medias? - I don't think we, as players that would like to see this game big again, see our followers on instagram as a possible target

Maybe the idea I'm talking about has been spoken already, almost 100% sure about it, but I still gotta spit this words out of my mouth, like a ****in ignorant:

Kids nowadays are all about smartphones. Some people don't even have a computer, they just chill and play apps on the phone, thats it. Nobody actually wants to turn the PC on to play a Flash browser game on computer - the market is offering much better platforms to have fun, portable ones.


Is there any chance we can create a crossplay comunication on this game and play against smartphone users? If there a way this game works on computer and smartphone at the same time? Is Flash the problem or one of them? I want to open a conversation with this point of mine, I believe there's much more complexity on the answers I'm looking for.

Hope nobody hates on me, I just would like to help a bit and grab the small chances we all have of making this game big (or bigger) again, if we actually have them.

Sorry and thanks, in case you read it!

Peace and love,
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In my opinion.. there is nothing that we can do for PR2, it time has come and the grim reaper is gonna take this wonderful game after flash is done.

Not sure what PR4/PRF has in store for us, not sure if it can live up to PR2 even if (probably rumor) just an updated and remastered of PR2 to be modern. If so then it might good enough to start a community on the new game.

At most I think we can do on this community is to make sure if we do continue from PR2 to PRF/PR4 is to get ideas that works and don't and make it available for everybody even if they have a preference of using a tablet, phone, pc, console, etc.

Just my two cent but I do hope this community does have ideas to get it big again even if it's another game.
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Hi! welcome Smile

I do believe the huge popularity that PR2 once had is now gone. So, I'm sure we're all excited to see what PR4/PRF will come up with. I do think that the updates and new suggestions have made this game more exciting, of course. Without new updates and ideas, I think most people would consider the gameplay a little... boring (just my opinion!) However, thankfully, we still get recent updates and new bugs fixed. I think that's a huge thumbs up. So thank you to those who have suggested things so far, and for Ben implementing these ideas throughout the years.

Every game series has it's ending though, so eventually it will come to an end. Hopefully, that'll be a while from now with PRF coming (hopefully...) soon. Smile

Also, nobody will hate you for simply starting a thread of a good and curious topic. I'm sure many of appreciate the long thread and the hopefulness that you have.

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