Speedrunner of the Week Revival #9
Speedrunner of the Week!
Welcome to Speedrunner of the Week! What is Speedrunner of the Week? It is a contest for skilled players, there are racers, fast racers, and on another level, speed runners. Do you have what it takes to be a speed runner?
How does it work? Every week a new level is picked for players to speed run, a time is selected for you to beat, you must beat that time and all other contestants' times, the fastest time sent in by the end of the week will be the winner.
For winning this contest, the player will receive 5 points for the contest and epic croc set. For the person that gets second place gets 4 points, the third person gets 3 points, and fourth place will get 2 points. Everyone else will get 1 point. Submissions will close on Sundays at 12am (EST)
• Failure to follow these guide lines will void your run for the week.
• No corner glitches are allowed or any glitches (head glitches/clips are acceptable), unless the level requires it
• You are only allowed to use up to 195 Stat Points(Rank 45)
• You are not allowed to use any hats other than the Exp Hat, Kong Hat, Party Hat, Jigg Hat, and the Jellyfish hat.
• Stat blocks and items are allowed.
• Only Video Submissions are allowed.
• Only Videos submitted here in this thread will count!
25 Points - 10,000,000 Experience
20 Points - Bat Set(+Epic)
15 Points - 5,000,000 Experience
10 Points - Epic Collar Body
5 Points - Crocodile Set(+Epic)
The Level Selected For This Week:
Wonderland by Levente77 (6260593)
Last Week's Winner: Master Raiden!
as always, good luck to the participants Wink
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[Image: giphy.gif]
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Time: 0:55.56
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I got a 53.89 while warming up but meh, as long as I get 1 point I'm happy, it came down to small inputs in the end ^^
Also, it was my first time using these stats, I switched to that from 86/73/36 the run just before this one (missed the first jump lol) for no reason I guess ?

And just like last week, here are silly moments taken from the whole (and short) recording session

If you're reading this, it means I have not made a cool signature yet and you should be proud of yourself.
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submissions closed!

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