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So this have been annoying me for a few years, When you type a number or whatever in PR2, uh the costume and stats resets to 50 - 50 - 50 and the "account saves" does not work or it also resets when you type in a number. Getting rid of that would have been nice, I'm sure you know what im talking about.


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Im Reb by the way.
That's cause loadouts are not saved on your account, nor pr2hub, but on your different accesses to PR2.
Changing for another website and/or browser used to do that. The current downloadable player counts as a new access as well.

It might seem weird, but that's how it works I guess.
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If I understand correctly, your loadouts aren't working properly? Make sure you've allowed Flash to use local storage by following these steps:

1. Right-click anywhere in-game, click settings
2. Click the tab that looks like a folder with an arrow
3. Select "Allow"

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