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Lately I've been having a lot of small ideas for blocks, hats, etc. Especially after the customizable block options update. But it wouldn't make sense to make a small forum post for each so I'm dumping all my current thoughts and ideas here.

I do plan to make edits to this post when I think of new ones, or if someone would want me to add something to this list. (You will be credited!) These may have been mentioned before, and if they are, I apologize. I'm just curious to what everyone thinks! Smile 


Lava Block - Acts like a mine, but will not get destroyed if it is triggered. So far, the mine and egg minions are the only things that can stun the player. (That isn't another player) I thought the lava block would be a good addition for levels that want to give everyone the risk of touching it, if there are multiple players. You could say the net also works the same way, however it doesn't stun you.

Shock block - If touched, will shock the player that touches it. Like the jellyfish hat and the lightning item, the shock will stun them. The block will then reactivate after a certain time or until the player gets off the block and touches it again. Good for if you don't want the player to get sent flying all over the place when hitting it.

Teleport block - If I recall, this is in PR3, would be cool to see something similar in PR2 as well! Just a simple block that will instantly take a player from point A to point B. These can be linked with the block options, Using a single letter or digit, the block will teleport anyone who hits it/walks on it to another teleport block with the same letter/digit.

Limited/Green Item block - An item block that can be hit multiple times but is not infinite, the amount could be determined with the block options. It's useful if you want something compact in levels that may not want infinite items.


Fur Cap/Ski Cap - Ice blocks and Ice wave will not affect you.

Shark Fin Hat - Acceleration is treated as 100 in water.

Ninja Headband - Acceleration is treated as 100 while crawling.

Rock Hat - Holding ↓ while falling will make you fall faster than others.

Army Helmet - Multi-use items (Laser, Sword, Ice wave, Jetpack) will have more uses.

Item Hat - Pressing the item button while the wearer does not have an item will grant the user an item. (From the level's item list) The hat will then vanish.

DJ Headset - Superjumps charge faster, And/Or can jump normally on down arrow blocks.

Angelic Halo - Stat blocks are worth double.


Currently no ideas.

Thank you for your time reading my idea dump! Do tell me what your favorites are! 😊
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I like the new block ideas, but I learned a long time ago that people are more fascinated with your ideas when you include pictures of these ideas that you're talking about. I'd go for the blocks, sure, but the hats, not so much. I can tell you right now, I would focus more on the block ideas because we need those. Include pictures of these, using photoshop and adobe illustrator.

The hats sound similar to Pr3, which @bls1999 already said he wouldn't bother adding pr3 hats to pr2. So yeah, give us some pics for the blocks 😉
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I figured people would like images better, I might edit them in later. I just wanted to get the ideas out there at least before I forget them.

And of course, hat ideas can be changed. Those are just basic hat ideas I had in mind. I'm not too familiar with what PR3 has 😅
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