Poll: Have you ever worked for, and encountered a really BAD BOSS, before?
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Honestly, have y'all ever had a job where you've had a shitty Boss, disrespect your character and treat you differently from everyone else because they don't like you in particular for whatever reason? Or, maybe they're like that with all their employees who work for them in general.

Ladies and gentlemen, we've ALL been there before, where you've been yelled at, disrespected, called disgraceful and illiterate names, and embarrassed by a really BAD BOSS. He or she is that one person who just makes you regret working for them, or make you really HATE your job; part of your life is miserable because of them.

Check out this Dhar mann video for a prime example of what I'm talking about, then fill free to express your feelings about a situation that you've been in before, like this.

I never had a boss that was an asshole out of the fourish jobs I have worked (some were super temporary). The worst example was probably a soccer coach that I had when I was about twelve or thirteen. The guy hated my father (for whatever reason) and took it out on me. Hate to sound like “that guy,” but I was arguably the best player on the team and showed the most “leadership” (whatever that means), and he treated me like everything was my fault (for reference, I was the goalkeeper and most of the team was a year younger than the age division we played in).

After the second game where we lost 7-0 (following the first where we also lost 7-0) he wanted a practice with just me the very next day. Evidently, he did not show up without notice because of “light rain,” which resulted in my father and me giving notice that I was not showing up permanently.
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Where I work now, I'm a primary school teacher and we've just had a new head master and he is an absolute tosspot. NOBODY likes him. He always criticises the work I put together for the kids (also bashes other teachers too), will always have staff meetings once a week to just put us all down but he sits in his office sipping his crappy Greggs coffee, judging us all while he inputs nothing into the academy. Also, he's forever telling us what to wear and what not to wear, as teachers we all wear smart clothing, I occasionally wear a suit dress with a blazer, so many other members of staff do too but he somehow always ends up "those dresses are too short" and that we are "distracting students."
MATE how the hell are we distracting 6 year olds in a classroom based on our clothing! We don't have our gash out or left tit waving hello every morning. It's just so frustrating.
Also, since this term began we have had no supplies come in because he claims we don't need them. A few of us have had to buy our own resources and supplies just to be able to teach our lessons. The PE teacher has left so we've not had one, so we've had to also resort to planning our PE lessons meaning any out of school sessions we will have to somehow magically pay for the minibus and the sports complex. Before summer holidays we are told to take the children out to the forest ground for PE as part of outside learning. There is no way some of us will be able to afford it, our wages are rubbish.
I know we've written a letter to the council and educational authorities so waiting to hear back.
Our boss is a joke, and by far the worst I've ever had. He even lingers outside the classrooms and peeps in through the glass in the doors. If he doesn't like what we are teaching he will always poke his fat head in and say "Miss Cain may I have a word?" LIKE NO MATE. GO AWAY.

End of rant.
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The owner of the pizza shop I used to work for was narcissistic, micro-managing, and tried to make people feel stupid. His signature move was pulling aside employees that he perceived as 'incompetent' and lecturing them for god knows what for as long as an hour while they are on the clock. Its funny that he does this because he knows very little with how we do things in the kitchen. He was nice to me though probably cause (hate to toot my own horn) he perceived me to be smart just cause I knew some stuff about computers, and I obviously knew the protocols very well and led the team when necessary.
He does not listen to anyone but himself and treats every proposition no matter how big or small like its a terrible idea. Some of the employees who have worked there for a long time have admitted to talking about certain issues and solutions to those issues with other people while he's around, hoping he'd listen and later think that it was his own idea.
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I've only had bosses who expect more out of what I can do. I already work 60 hours a week.. you want me to do more?
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My boss puts me on the job that ruins my wrists. He knows it ruins my wrists. He doesn't care. He puts me there anyway. Even when he can send people over there that don't have the physical conditions I do. Then he probably wonders why I have to keep using medical leave. And he let's certain people get away with more. One person sits on their phone all night and even shows him stuff on their phone, but if I look at my phone I get yelled at. And one other coworker stands around and talks while he's supposed to be helping me do a 2 man job, making me pick up the slack. Then when I get upset about it, the boss gets ready to yell at me, like I was in the wrong. Sorry, my wrists and knees are screwed up. I simply don't want to make them worse by doing the work of 2 people. I'm a pretty chill and relaxed guy most of the time, but that shit pisses me off. My boss shows clear favoritism.
Have a wonderful day
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