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Scary Movies - A DARK CHILDHOOD!

Fasten your seat belts because this is going to get pretty, damn ugly.

This is going to be one of the most interesting posts that you've ever read on JV. So, listen up reader... if you're reading this, it means you've been infected by a POISONOUS, VENOMOUS scorpion snake, during your childhood. That snake is called FEAR. FEAR of your greatest nightmare to have ever penetrated your life without permission. If he or she still haunts you, then I feel for you.

That JAW DROPPING NIGHTMARE, that steals your SANITY, feeling your head with insuperable amounts of DEPRESSION and ANXIETY! Just when you think you've successfully defeated your FEAR and moved on, he comes right back to push your buttons again to see if you're really about it. ☠️

All the negative thoughts came rushing to your head, causing you to run your BLOOD pressure through the roof, quivering in fear, "wondering if my nightmare is going to KILL ME!?" When you start talking about these things, all that PG Bullshit goes out the window and all of a sudden, things ramp up to RATED-R, really fast. You know what I'm talking about, people - "Viewer Discretion is Advised". "This program is not suitable for young children."

Now, we've all seen a lot of scary movies out there before, and I'm sure at some point, you've wondered what is it exactly about this ONE particular movie that made YOU terrified. Not someone else... YOU! That one thing in the movie that hooks you in, leaving you incredibly dismayed and driven towards insurmountable ANXIETY. Shit, it's so bad that even as in ADULT, you can't shake the creepy crawler off your chest!

Is it the jaw dropping, spine-tingling, nerve-racking feeling that you get whenever you see someone BLEEDING? Or maybe you can't stand those obnoxiously, terrifying screams at 3AM in the morning? How about the terrifying, surrealistic things that you see in video games like a GOAT DEMON for example. Yeah he's playing the character in the game, but now you have to deal with him when you go to sleep at night. That machete has YOUR name on it, and he's NOT there to play games with you! ☠️

If you don't respect your SUBCONSCIOUS mind, it can start to play cruel, unforgiving tricks on you; making you the victim of your demonic nightmare.

The PAIN and TORTURE you've been through, replaying that fear factor in your head, multiple times like a tape recorder. Everything you see, your SUBCONSCIOUS mind is absorbing the essence of it, the meat of the bone, and the climax that continuously captivates your mind, leading you to a DARK & DANGEROUS place; DANGEROUS because eventually you have to deal with this ANXIETY when it's time to go to sleep at night, right?

You don't even know whether you're going to wake up from this demonic nightmare or not. Hell, you might not even escape, breathing your last breath at the DEMON'S mercy. By this point, you're helpless! NO ONE can hear your screams, you're in sleep paralysis mode, and you don't have anything to defend yourself. Now what? Am I scaring you now? Good, then I'm doing my job.

If you're one of those fragile souls who is constantly terrified by these horrendous and unbearable series of monstrous events, then let me tell you that you'll be one of the first ones to attract your NIGHTMARE the most. Why? Because just like being in the water, sharks smell BLOOD and FEAR; FEAR of sudden DEATH! ☠️

So, what is it about ANY scary movie that captivates your attention the most, causing you to go into a spiraling frenzy?

Perhaps viewing THIS article will help you make a decision. Now keep in mind, there are other things that can play a factor in this too, such as the DARK music.

when an scary movie makes me scary it’s because I am scare
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I don't watch spooky films cos I don't like them lol
(24th August 2022, 7:36 PM)Camer the Dragon Wrote: I don't watch spooky films cos I don't like them lol

You must have zero tolerance for this kind of thing, lol
(26th August 2022, 12:43 PM)Different Wrote: You must have zero tolerance for this kind of thing, lol

P much lmao

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