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Hey lads,

Just had a beer with a friend and we started discussing old games from our childhood. So I explained to him this racing game, called Platform Racing 2, which I rated so highly in the past. Turned out he used to play it as well when he was a kid. Who would have thought. We had a very nostalgic time speaking about our great memories from this game. Was a very wholesome moment which I never would have expected before the night started.


I just had to log in here to tell y’all. Been a few years since the last time I visited. And might be a few more until next time.

But I hope every single one of you are doing great things in life.

Happy Easter
yeah it's me, the guy you used to race with way way back
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It's cool how many people remember PR2 from the past when they're reminded of it, lots of people that have had fun with the game

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