[Forum] Small Strange Behaviour with the string F@H
This happens both in the main forum area with new posts and in threads themselves, as either titles or in the body of the text such as with F@H here.
When refreshing/loading the page it will say [email protected] instead of F@H for one frame, it seems that this is a link due to it being a slightly different colour to the text but as it only shows up for 1 frame I cannot verify this any further.
I assume the reason it displays as this is as it sees [Text] [At Symbol] [Text], it fixes after this though and if this were to be fixed it would be important to not break the main use of this [email protected] text outside of this niche case.

I swear I posted this before either here or on Discord but I can't find it so I'll just make this thread.
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This is actually a function of Cloudflare, not JV. Cloudflare hides email addresses before the page loads as an anti-spam measure. The filter just happens to be catching F@H as an email address.

I like your attention to detail, though. Good catch!

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