Small Hat Fixes
Wouldn't it be cool if the allien eggs could shoot lightning at you? Its the only attack that they are missing, unless they could lay mines. Hopefully both eggs and the Party Hat would see more play this way.  Or mayb ad a lightning storm option to level creation? More environmental effects woudl be cool as long as they aren't over used. 

The other idea I had was fixing up the Thief Hat. Its really hard to win and doesn't se much play sine there aren't many racers on for multiplayer races. I think its real issue is that it swapps hats, making it easy for the other person to take their hat back The Thief Hat could either allow you to keep it and the new hat, or take a random players hat at the start of each race. Or even picking up dropped hats would be neet. The player who dropped their hat should get a few seconds to reclaim it before any theives steal it. 

Just a few brief Ideas. Feel free to expland or rewark them as needed.
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I always wanted to have a way to... i don't know how to call it- Program/Add properties to the alien eggs. Like a way to assign each egg (or all eggs) to whatever item you want. And i think the reason why the eggs can't have the lighting is because that might actually break the game... or make it very annoying. 

I think it'll be awesome if you could also command where the eggs walk. Like setting a pathway where they can go... hmmm but then if platforms are on different heights... that could be an issue.

And yeah the thief hat might need a rework. I always thought it was cool but I can see why some people don't like it. Maybe be able to choose a hat from anyone during a race? as opposed to losing it and then picking it up? and then anyone else who picks up the hat can do that as well with a little menu that shows up? hmmmm and if you're racing alone, what it does instead is just a one-time use, pick another hat out of the list of hats you have unlocked during the race or something.
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i want egg minions to have civil war

bls add now
i want friends give me friends

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