Is it true that any programmers shall retire at 35 yo?
What is this based on?
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I don't think there's any evidence to support the "programmers retire at 35" meme, and the people who claim that they ought to retire at that age are heavily overestimating the effects of age on the average person's ability to learn and solve problems.
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Any? In the history of the world then extremely likely yes
In terms of is it the regular thing that happens? Definitely not

My purpose: I'm going to assist you in creating a thread that makes sense to your target audience, so follow along with me because my intended purpose is to ensure that you don't leave the reader exasperated.

Lesson #1: When you present a topic to people, please explain what it is. Be elaborate, clear, and concise as much as humanly possible. Don't ever assume that the reader will understand what you're talking about.

Lesson #2: Depending on what the topic is about, you may want to provide resources and statistics to back up your facts. When the facts (from legit sources) are there, people can see where you're coming from.

Lesson #3: When you put all of that into perspective, now we have a real discussion without the use of jargon or vague topics that don't have any resources or clarity attached to them.

Listen, kid, I understand you're trying to make a name for yourself and express your ideas more successfully and openly, but you gotta get into a habit of guiding us through the objective of your thread topics from now on. Otherwise, some of us will become exasperated and click away. Doing the research on "programmers retiring at 35 yo" will save you from public embarrassment. If this is true, show us the facts. 35 is out of the ballpark since people's brains can still function at a high level of capacity.

Thread revision: Instead, try changing the topic to something like 'Software engineer layoffs 2023'. With a topic like that, it raises awareness in the coding and development community, and with the facts and description presented... I'm convinced that there's an issue going on in the workforce for Software engineers. Then you might go on to share some prominent pieces of information with us like 'Software engineers having the largest layoff at 19.3% last year'. Also, "laid-off workers searching for highly-skilled, high-paying positions may also face greater difficulty navigating new jobs." People who wanted to learn code was faced with adversities that hindered them from achieving long-term goals in the workforce. When you provide the facts and statistics like that, now we've successfully paved the road for an intriguing discussion that guides us through this issue.

Conclusion: I'm just being brutally honest and trying to help you out because I've seen this pattern coming from you a lot in the past, here lately. Especially creating 3 threads in one day. Take notes from my latest thread, VAPE 🍏🔋. As you can see, I've explained what it is, and provided sources to back up my statements, and people clearly understood what I was talking about.

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