3 word story
This morning I ate. The end of your life depended on Jiggmin's abandonment of PR2 and not his imploding guinea pigs of impending doom. Although dead inside Jiggmin relies on the no u's. Then, bls1999 started watching Ali-A videos, memeing his way to uncontrollable diarrhea. It was supercalifragilisticexpialidociously horrible. He yelled, "I hate life". Frustrated over what seemed to be the result of a painful and very crazy livestream viewed by millions of brony-loyal fans in Texas, he decided to squat, and just then Adak, dressed as Shadow Z [Real], began to cry because nearby, Stardox died fighting Jiggmin. At the funeral, we ate cake (and Stardox's body)! The priest, Frozne, sucked a plum while scratching his pet rock, Snuffles. Snuffles bit Frozne on his head and was sentenced to eat 10,000 chunks of sticky fake chocolate balls which, suddenly, became slightly more poopy because of it's neuroplasticity and gurkins. Suddenly, Post Malone lit another cigarette while yelling "BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP". Later that day, spaghetti started spewing out of places spaghetti should never spew out of. Imagine if I did that, baers would be bears and usb hub who said "BAErs!" before stroking a 1 hour ban cos bears lol. YAY! The End! ...or was it? Yeah... it was... Nah im joking... New story time... no u lol. Now that the long story ended... let us rejoice! The beast is DEAD!!! …Only it wasn’t coming back again…I thought anyway, dam i’m gay and also it's the end. Wtf is this? It's the end. Please end this. I concur entirely. Beep boop shutdown. Ben accidentally pressed charges against his immediate shutdown button... Unavoidable disaster struck... the world finished!!! New life spawned with technology to Click Upon Dots. Dots are boring, Wolfie said before he got demodded because he forgot to eat the very bigish small Clickable Dots that end the story that no one loves... until today! What the FRICK Yanko this should've ended. But unfortunately it painfully ended you -_- Rest In Peace. And in Peaces. In Death's Embrace, cold yet strong. Rip this Thread... But we will never revive it... just kidding, it's actually intrinsically dead, however, there are no exceptions whatsoever besides eating on inevitably borrowed time. The force is so strong that the forum died in my dreams and in reality Ronald Mac Donald. Now let's repeat. Once upon a universe, in 2008, there was Jacob Grahn lying dead playfully. Platform Racing was released but the source code disappeared. You could say that it died. Jiggy asked for a quick death. The wish was to finally eat the taco set on a plate. The taco was the most perfect way to die!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, it didn't stop there because we had forgotten about the taco and left it there to rot. Nevertheless, this morning I awoke dead because I played too much Minecraft...so I thought... what if I died forever ago? So many questions... It's killing me! LET THIS DIE I cried hilariously for no reason. The thread died. Just then, I saw it die; however, an amazing old person returned... We found out that he died. But, his spirit engulfed itself into an immortal existence, who then said: LET ME DIE!!! Lorax Flavoured Doritos, Leif Erikson's favorite, killed to death. I wonder, what death feels like, but this is the definite end. Lego-man945's been kicked out of the game because he... three word intermission... kept attempting to kill the thread. But he failed less than anticipated, so he thought: "Do i exist?"

The answer was perfectly evident. I don’t actually know because I died. This was not a normal morning because I have no reason to CONTINUE THIS THREAD! But Wolfie said "ouffff my buttox" it doesn't feel like this ended, because Solus has resurrected the gurkins. Now we shall think about how to end this. Or maybe not not not continue with these "not"s.i cannot knot a shoelace because this is ending up to be the final post. Just kidding, the post ended already. Banana banana bananas are really good at ending threads but not so great keeping alive lego's desire to spam spam spam this thread into ir-reversible utter oblivion. Then I replied: I'm a floop.. what will I kill this with... a metal detector! This is the end... Sike, not yet. This story will continue and then I'll **** myself to sleep while I dream about touching my spaghet. This is delicious, very worth it. I sometimes think to myself: "why am I alive, 1440 instaswap adeila." I wonder where Bls went tho. He said he would be buying a BIG computer for Kane to watch a PR2 Livestream. However he didn't, he instead watched "How to girlfriend" because he couldn't find a boyfriend who wanted him. However he found a tree frog with a juicy set of hungolomghnonoloughongous that he ravaged on the potty while he suffocated him to death. This ended up giving the person a massive, gargantuan before he slept. The next morning, he found out he was adopted in his sleep. I don't know how this happened. He was so confused that he bit his toe off. And the strangest thing is, he couldn't remember how to sleep.

The next morning, he woke to the sound of Jiggmin eating a potato that was covered in cacti. It was really painful yet erotic. It wasn't a 50 shades of gray wattpad fanfic, it was actually a Dr. Seuss erotica about Thing doing something with spiky green things with Cleveland Brown. Thing was fisting stuffing in turkey for Thanksgiving dinner in late September. The same day,
"Do today what others won't, so tomorrow you can do what others can't" 💡 -Jerry Rice

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