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Full Version: Unsafe block, and a few other ideas.
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Please let me know if this is not the right place for this post. This could also apply to PRF in addition to PR2
1. A block that is not safe. We use bricks and pushblocks, but it would be nice to have a normal block that can't be destroyed or moved that is also not safe.
2. Silent published levels. I'd love to go to all my levels and make them intimate time, remove specific hats, change their music, make a minor fix, ect. Without it showing up on newest or today's best lists.
3. More pages on ATB list. I know you turned this one down, but the reason I want it is to be able to see more levels without having to search for them. I'd settle for being able to see other players favorite lists.
4. Being able to view the name, level maker, and level descriptions from inside a level. On this note. I'd love to be able to favorite a level from inside of it too. Maybe in the rate screen once it is done.
5. A way in level editor to know how much art and how many more blocks you can place. I live in constant fear toward the end of levels.
6. A level type that sets all players stats to specified numbers. It would work on some glitch levels as well as make some races a bit more competitive because it levels the playing field. I think it would be fun to make a level were all stats start at 30 but I put smiley faces along the way so the race gets faster and faster as you go. I've noticed a lot of levels that have to bottom out your stats and reset them with face blocks to get this desired effect.
1. Is that just a net block, or am I confusing it?
2. Doesn't putting a passkey on a level prevent it from going to Newest?
3. I agree, but especially for searching a specific user's levels. For example, when I search named444 I can't see all of the levels.
4. That would be pretty cool. Simple QoL change.
5. Yeah, a block/art counter would be super useful.
6. Interesting idea.
(7th January 2021, 7:22 AM)Mystery Wrote: [ -> ]1. Is that just a net block, or am I confusing it?

When you hit a net, you are sent back to your last SAFE block, i.e. any block that cannot be MOVED, DESTROYED or ALTERED

This means that when a creator is making a whole section of blocks that are not meant to be considered SAFE, they will have to rely on unstable blocks such as brick, vanish, push and crumble blocks (or move blocks if you're wacky).

They all have their limits though:
- Bricks are easily breakable with items and from under
- Vanish blocks are usually fine in difficult levels (frusts for example), but in a common race, the short window of time they allow is not often ideal
- Push blocks need to be surrounded by other blocks to act as a solid platform, and come with major multiplayer issues
- Crumbles do not provide many passages before breaking

What Overbeing is suggesting here is a common idea that has appeared over the years, but it basically is a Basic Block 5 (pun intended I guess), except that is counts as an UNSAFE block. If you were to touch a net, you would not be sent back to that block.

Just a normal block with no gimmick for those situations.