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    Thread: i am back
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Scum Wrote: (Today, 1:31 AM) -- I was here originally as Awesometin, then i was Scum, then I was Spectre! And now I am scum again. If you don’t remember me i invented the sir parts. -snip- -- Just...
TRUC Welcoming Gates 5 43 3 hours ago
    Thread: BONE Chilling - I warned you!
Post: RE: BONE Chilling - I warned you!

That just looks like a Luna Moth stuck on a window at night and the picture was taken so it's lined up with the ground, lol
TRUC Blogs 50 1,607 30th July 2022, 11:31 AM
    Thread: Stunt4CA
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Stunt Wrote: (6th July 2022, 8:10 PM) -- … How could this happen to me? I've made my mistakes Got nowhere to run.. -- Your simple plan got ruined
TRUC Campaign Trail – July 2022 3 333 7th July 2022, 4:23 PM
    Thread: Good Evening Indubitably
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Chma Wrote: (6th July 2022, 4:27 PM) -- Remembered this place today so thought I’d check in! I’ll try to be more active but no guarantee lmao. - I’m busy irl these days - either with friends or wo...
TRUC Blogs 4 206 6th July 2022, 7:03 PM
    Thread: MUSIC - No more melodies!
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If you limit yourself to 4/4 and the 12 notes of the harmonic style of 18th century European musicians (which represents the vast majority of everything mainstream in the past 60 years probably)... th...
TRUC Multimedia Masterpieces 8 334 24th June 2022, 7:35 AM
    Thread: Goliathe Grand Prix Deluxe
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Congrats to @"Master Raiden" for completing Goliathe Grand Prix Deluxe ! (will update the leaderpoint at some point I swear)
TRUC Platform Racing 2 7 2,023 28th May 2022, 4:20 AM
    Thread: The Rank 50+ theory – Uncensored truth!
Post: RE: The Rank 50+ theory – Uncensored truth!

I think y'all are way too dedicated into this conversation about dedication :P Jokes aside, you're pretty much arguing about two different types of dedication, I think. So yep, it's not like you ca...
TRUC Platform Racing 2 21 1,685 22nd April 2022, 6:51 AM
    Thread: blogs are the best
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Don't know if Julius is actually here, but I used to have him as a friend of Facebook. I think I got cleaned away at some point lol, though somehow I still have his Kik. But yep he's always made sur...
TRUC Blogs 3 331 16th April 2022, 7:44 AM
    Thread: Nostalgic lurker checking in
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Camer the Dragon Wrote: (11th March 2022, 10:37 AM) -- I thought it was "fake" Also eyo -- Might be off topic, but ouch that trend with years aged in a very peculiar way, lol https://snipboa...
TRUC Welcoming Gates 9 968 11th March 2022, 11:30 AM
    Thread: pleaes update me
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Matt Wrote: (9th February 2022, 5:03 PM) -- Yo  What happened to acid firums and when did JV come back. I haven’t been on avid forums in months -- Servers kinda died, while nikc10 and ax6 decided i...
TRUC Blogs 5 533 10th February 2022, 3:04 AM
    Thread: BLACK ICE

*laughs in Canadian winter tires*
TRUC Discussion Hall 18 1,926 17th January 2022, 5:48 AM
    Thread: Big Brother: Trials and Temptations RE-DUX
Post: RE: Big Brother: Trials and Temptations RE-DUX

TRUC Village Games 4,245 224,488 7th December 2021, 8:04 AM
    Thread: Big Brother: Trials and Temptations RE-DUX
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I barely have time to sleep enough lately, trying to squeeze stuff inside a day, no worries ^^ If this were to pick things back up where they left, I'll go with the flow I guess lol
TRUC Village Games 4,245 224,488 10th November 2021, 9:49 AM
    Thread: Level of the Week! (PR2)
Post: RE: Level of the Week! (PR2)

Speedblur Wrote: (1st November 2021, 6:52 PM) -- Wow, it has been a long time. Why are the previous LotW winners not listed (I mean, before LotW was restarted)? Perhaps many of those people are not h...
TRUC Platform Racing 2 233 33,729 2nd November 2021, 8:26 AM
    Thread: Time of thanks given
Post: RE: Time of thanks given

Mystery Wrote: (29th October 2021, 10:49 AM) -- But thanksgiving isn't for another month! -- Jokes on you, it was October 11th here :)
TRUC Bugs and Suggestions 3 863 29th October 2021, 12:10 PM
    Thread: Who am I and why I quit Pr2?
Post: RE: Who am I and why I quit Pr2?

Different Wrote: (8th October 2021, 8:02 AM) -- Now at this point, it's time for me to reveal my Pr2 username. My Pr2 username is Danger. Don't believe me? Search me on Pr2, right now. Or, ask some o...
TRUC Platform Racing 2 8 2,106 9th October 2021, 6:48 AM
    Thread: PR2 Staff History
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Mulley Wrote: (4th October 2021, 2:27 PM) -- Am I allowed to be nosey and ask about Staff? If yeeeeeees, why the heck did TRUC get demodded?! -- I pulled the biggest AWOL of all JV history and kept...
TRUC Platform Racing 2 72 48,687 4th October 2021, 8:27 PM
    Thread: Big Brother: Trials and Temptations RE-DUX
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TRUCing I guess
TRUC Village Games 4,245 224,488 25th September 2021, 7:46 AM
    Thread: Spyro the Dragon- Original Vs. Remastered
Post: RE: Spyro the Dragon- Original Vs. Remastered

TheWicked Wrote: (21st September 2021, 3:42 AM) -- I was always afraid of the poes when I was younger and I remember turning off the N64 because of the final battle with Ganon. It wasn't my game file...
TRUC Video Games 13 3,746 21st September 2021, 8:24 AM
    Thread: Pr2 Exp Change- Why isn't anybody talking about this?
Post: RE: Pr2 Exp Change- Why isn't anybody talking abou...

Back in my day we barely made 60 exp per race :)
TRUC Platform Racing 2 54 10,294 10th September 2021, 7:38 AM